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Robert With Fans in 2012

Started by Liza80, October 03, 2015, 17:26:16

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He's so patient with them.

Does Robert have a temper? Anyone know. I have heard that Simon does. Anyway enjoy.



Quote from: Liza80 on October 03, 2015, 17:26:16
Does Robert have a temper?

In any case more temper than Jason, so it seems. The latter had no time to lose
and went straight into the hotel. Thanks for sharing. Robert is magnificent!
N'importe, l'amitié féminine repose mieux de la solitude, elle nous complète.

Comment on devient artiste, p. 193


My pleasure Melting Man. I love sharing rare footage with other fans!


-:- Elle Lie -:-

"Can I take a picture with you ?" "Absolutely not" 
He has patience and finesse :lol:
Does Robert really recognize people or is it just for politeness ? It's nice to see him talking with fans, I find it rather pleasant.
However, the count of the bodyguard is a bit stressful ! With my little 5'2'' (if I'm not mistaken in the conversion), I would quickly double and push ! This is the sad lot of small people...