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What's so special about The Cure?

Started by dsanchez, November 14, 2016, 22:13:38

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If you were asked this question, what would be your answer? What makes you crazy about The Cure? Why are they so great?
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Robert's hair.   ;)

Seriously now: the songs. Without good songs, it would all be nothing...

The live shows. If you've been to see them a few times, you'll know what I mean.

What struck me in the 80's: unlike some other bands, they weren't writing in the same style forever. The songs on "KM KM KM" were all so different from each other.
Or from "Lovecats" to "Shake dog shake" - this could be 2 different bands...
"Disintegration" of course was an album of "feeling melancholy" - and I loved it. Still do.
Also I've liked reading the interviews with Robert, he always had something to say I could at least understand.

All in all: the songs, a good live band, the whole "feel" of it. That's special about The Cure for me.
Can't you see I try? Swimming the same deep water as you is hard...


Another thing which is "special" about The Cure, is how they kept some kind of "punk & new wave" spirit:

QuoteThe band and Robert in particular struggled with that post punk ethic that you shouldn't really be that good a player, there should be no displays of virtuosity or musicianship but the band had progressed to such a stage that these elements were now to a degree necessary. I came from a totally different musical background where excess and musicianship were required but I learnt a lot of very valuable lessons from Robert that ring true in my music even today.

From Roger O'Donnell's memories about recording "Disintegration".

Doesn't mean Robert isn't looking for "quality", obviously he's the one who looks after everything:

QuoteFOH engineer Paul Corkett, who's respectively engineered and co-produced two Cure albums with bandleader Robert Smith, explained, "Robert puts a lot of time and attention into rehearsals, listens to everything and he's very hands-on and articulate about what he wants, so I think he wanted to carry one consistent rig with him."

...he has one singular goal, handed down by Smith: "His guide to me was make it sound exciting. He listens to everything, so I certainly know if I've gone wrong."

Can't you see I try? Swimming the same deep water as you is hard...

-:- Elle Lie -:-

It's interesting to read in Roger's writings that everyone hated "Lovesong" ! Wasn't it a wedding gift from Robert to his wife? Great gift ! :lol:

Like what, no one can be sure of anything about success. Even those who write the songs... When we say that there's also a part of luck, I want to believe it. I heard Sting also say this in an interview.
Sometimes chance does things well.

What I like about Cure is that they have many facets and that they focus on feelings. They remind me of a kaleidoscope. The base is always the same but the shapes and colors change.
And I still love the colors they use and their different shapes. And as Roger says so well, Robert's touching voice gives an incredible depth and intensity to the songs.

There aren't two interpreters like him, this is also the secret...


The guitars, the lyrics, what a poet, even when he was wasted.  I find married with children can be very tiresome,  and the job is ennui, life can be ennui. So rotating the 30+ cds helps quite a bit. Thats all I do. Apart, Fear of Ghosts, Never.  Yet life can be a Mint Car. Aye.