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What Cure project are you into right now?

Started by dsanchez, April 30, 2017, 13:52:58

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Was lucky enough to see the band 20 times so I have decided to burn into CDs each of these live recordings (have most of them in FLAC, hopefully I will find them all at some point).

What about you?
2019.06.08 Dublin
2019.07.04 Novi Sad
2019.07.17 Athens


I'm trying to imagine in my mind how the next album will sound... but it's really difficult. ;)

Honest, I'm trying to guess what the future might bring for The Cure, but I have no idea.
In the meantime, I'm trying to enjoy the past: right now it's the 30th anniversary of "Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me", so I will listen to those songs again in the next few weeks/months.  :smth020

As Perry B. posted not long ago:
QuoteCure songs just get better and better. With each passing year I appreciate them more, I hear more meaning in the lyrics, I'm amazed at the compositional skill, I'm reminded over and over of the emotional depth and still find new meaning and resonance in them.
Can't you see I try? Swimming the same deep water as you is hard...


I am currently revisiting all cure discography, putting special attention to the 3 latest albums which, being honest, i didn't pay much attention when released. Maybe because those albums didn't click with me the first time i listened to them compared to the others , or maybe because i had not enough time, or mood to do so, things that happen when you grow children etc...

So ,the last 8-10 years i haven't been listening to them very much, only occasionally. It was a needed rest probably, because when I heard that they would be on tour i got the tickets the first day they went on sale, still a year to go, but  it could be the last time i had the chance to see them live (so far i've seen them 3 times only)... and a month before the show i started to listen them again, not much, but once i saw them live....boom, that feeling started again.
And here i am. Like someone who has discrovered them only recently  :-D
I am also trying to find live performances and shows in decent quality, and trying to discover if i miss any of their official albums and singles b sides etc..., so i can buy them.
So far only been able to download some Youtube full concerts, and a few via torrent, but hard to find material.
Hopefully they will release some live BR/DVD soon.

I am also expecting the new album... i have a feeling it will be released  next april, 10 years after 4:13, on Robert's birthday :P

I hope it is a bit different than the latest ones, and has a good number of B sides , and that Robert includes forgotten songs from 20-30 years ago too. It should be a double album at least, i hope something like Kiss me.


Quote from: dsanchez on April 30, 2017, 13:52:58
What about you?

Hard to say. I'm just in the process of (professional) reorientation.
Last month I achieved a settlement with my former employer after
twelve months legal action against him. One official appointment
interfered with the Frankfurt show, so 2016 was really bad. I'm reading
a novel at the moment and after every chapter I'm listening to a number
of my favorite Cure songs. Then I'm a different person.  :lol:
N'importe, l'amitié féminine repose mieux de la solitude, elle nous complète.

Comment on devient artiste, p. 193


Okay, I'll make this public now: one Cure project I should be working on is the ***!
I've been thinking up some questions alreay, but not put them to paper yet (or on a screen, this is 2017).

*project is "on hold" for a number of reasons - maybe later...
Can't you see I try? Swimming the same deep water as you is hard...