2005.08.10 Lokeren - Terrein Grote Kaai (Belgium) 'Lokerse Feesten'

Started by dsanchez, August 05, 2005, 20:59:24

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good sound and very good playlist
many thanks


sounds good, really interesting to hear the new takes on some of the songs, although I would still like to see keyboards in the band :smt020
its nice to be nice


It's good to see Old Bob getting a bit involved like for the Live8


Ok, I've listened to it. I think Robert is having some sort of voice/throat problem, but overall the band sounded very good.

Sure, some songs sound weird without keyboards, but what can you expect? I think the band sounds damn good considering it's only a 4 piece. Porl really adds a dynamic to the band that I feel had been lacking in recent years. Never Enough sounded wonderful. I never cared at all for Roger's keyboard additions on that one. It just sounded so cheesy to me. Now it sounds right again.

The End of the World is always going to sound weird so long as Robert continues to do his "alternate melody" version. Anybody notice he started doing this on Taking Off as well? Strange.

A few of the highlights for me would be A Strange Day and A Letter To Elise. To me, it sounds like the band has gone back to an older sound. Robert's guitar actually sounds good again. I thought it sounded weird during the last few years ? It had no sustain, no character. Maybe Porl pointed this problem out to him... "Hey Robert, why does your guitar sound like shit?"  

I even loved Let's Go To Bed and Why Can't I Be You? Porl added some nice guitar, Simon provided a nice backing, and it just sounded like they were having a lot of fun with it.

I'll definitely keep listening to this one. It's great to hear these shows so early!

If anything, I'm just happy to see my favorite band still around and playing good music. :-D