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Started by dsanchez, January 19, 2006, 17:45:26

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which is your favourite song in this album?

22 (18.6%)
Pictures Of You
10 (8.5%)
2 (1.7%)
Love Song
2 (1.7%)
Last Dance
6 (5.1%)
3 (2.5%)
Fascination Street
7 (5.9%)
Prayers For Rain
10 (8.5%)
The Same Deep Water As Yo
19 (16.1%)
24 (20.3%)
7 (5.9%)
6 (5.1%)

Total Members Voted: 101


 It has to be Disintegration  :o Genius song and I love all the layers and the fact Robert speaks at the begining and a little bit through the song but you have to really turn it up to catch it! I love all that secret bits and the formation of the song....and after all these years I can't get bored of playing it! :)  :smth020
Flowers in your mouth and the same dry song
The routine from laughter land


I voted for Pictures of You but it's so bloody hard to make my mind up. Plainsong? Untitled? the title track? Lullaby?
Misjudged your limits
Pushed you too far
Took you for granted
I thought that you needed me more
'Boys Don't Cry' is my favourite Cure song but it doesn't mean I'm not a hardcore fan. Disintegration is my favourite LP! The Cure are my favourite band!


Last dance. I think it's a classy composition and is a perfect balance between pop Cure and morose Cure obviously it's more the latter than the former.

in bed amongst the stones

This was hard, but Plainsong, followed closely by Lovesong, Pictures of You, Closedown, and Last Dance.
Pushing her white face into the mirror...


The title track; unrelenting in its instrumentation and despair. My all-time favorite Cure song


01 Pictures Of You (it makes me smile and cry at the same time... just simply amazing. Show version even better)
02 Fascination Street (hard, drifting sound, and the lyrics is... trip to the wonderland).
03 Plainsong (great, monumental music, and scared and wounded lyrics... absolutely fantastic. What a great opener.)


The pinnacle album...

01 The title track (the words, the keyboard, the noise of a smashing object, a masterpiece)
02 Prayers For Rain (a good concert opener, not only for bad weather)  ;)
03 Untitled (a rare live track, shame)
En cette nation [Russie] qui n'a pas eu de théoriciens et de démagogues,
les pires ferments de destruction ont apparu. (J. Péladan)


Only 2 votes for Closedown? It's like the essence of The Cure. And the obsession with SDWAY I don't get--it's beautiful and appropriate in the context of the record, but on its own it's not an interesting or impressive song.


01 Homesick
02 Fascination Street
03 Prayers For Rain/The Same Deep Water As You
04 Lovesong/Last Dance


Fascination Street
Pictures Of You


Not sure if I ever mentioned this, but the first time I heard 'Lullaby' (didn't know it was The Cure) I thought it was some woman singing the song...
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FASCINATION STREETTT!!! I just love how seducing it is. I can never get tired of Robert's whiny voice and the beats and the keyboard and the way it all ties up together. Especially that high pitched sound,it's like no other song I've ever heard before,totally unique, typical of cure songs,but fascination really gets me. It's so well wrote and played and sung I just love it so much, I can never get bored of it!
~-Sense of nostalgia for all these dead accounts-~


Honestly tho, we can all pick favorites from our own personal taste but we can all atleast agree that all the songs on disintergration are absolutely beautiful and perfect in their own way,I love the cure so much for this perfect astonishing album!!
~-Sense of nostalgia for all these dead accounts-~


I can't really choose over pictures of you, love song, and fascination street but if I really had to choose it would be pictures of you! I don't think I could ever get bored of pictures of you, I remember when I first listened to pictures of you and I was absolutely astonished and stuck in amazement.🤩