Cure songs that you don't like

Started by Filipe, August 23, 2005, 01:02:56

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How the end always is

i'm shocked...really :shock:
sugar girl is so sweet  :(

so... for me is very difficoult... i have no "worst cure songs" ... i know that it's hard to believe but i love everything of the cure...  everything

i try....



i noticed the other day a post about fave songs [or something like that] and i noted that we each have very different posts. i was reading some of them and was thinking "hmm... how odd, i wouldn't put that song in my Absolute Favouites list".

that then got me thinking about what songs i and other people may hate. [yes it's true, there's some Cure songs i will never like]
anyway, here's my list of songs that i will be able to do without for the rest of my life. they are listed in rough album order.. with some commentary here and there...

Another Day- Boring
The Weedy Burton - no comment...
A Reflection- What's the point?
The Final Sound - see A reflection
Descent - that's not music
The Lovecats - i f*cking hate that song. plus whenever people hear it they seem to instantly relate it to what a "standard" cure song is [not that there's a standard but you what i mean]
Fight - Oh god.....
Mint Car- i would rather die than hear that song again

Ok so there's not that many, but you get the idea...



there are a few songs i don't like (breathe, chain of flowers, screw, a strange day) and a few i don't care about them (charlotte sometimes, truth goodness and beauty...) but there are two songs i really hate: sugar girl and anniversary. the second is in my opinion the worst cure song ever!  :smt078


heh, this is what blew me away.

such differing views on something we are all so passionate about.
i don't know why but i thought for some stupid reason that everyone would have roughly the same opinion [mine]. i know that sounds dumb...

funny, those two songs are two of my faves....along with i don't know how many more...


he he
i love all the songs you both hate!!!

that doesnt mean i hate you!

the awfullest cure song ever is NEVER!!!



Quote from: arielcche he
i love all the songs you both hate!!!

that doesnt mean i hate you!

the awfullest cure song ever is NEVER!!!


I also can't say I hate any of the aforementioned songs, but "Never" is definitely my least favorite of all time.

To change the subject a little, here's one thing I hate hearing anymore. Live versions of "Just Like Heaven" and "In Between Days." They play those songs way too much. There was a time when I really loved those songs, but to me they've been worn out.

With Porl back there was some freshness to them again, but they really need to dig deeper into their back catalog. The summer festivals were ok in that respect, but still too much of the same for me. :roll: Fortunately, Porl was there to spice things up a bit.


Here are some songs that I hate

1) Screw - what the hell was he thinking?
2) Descent - I agree... senseless flange
3) Wrong Number (Smith mix) - terrible
"... sleeping less every night"


i notice that The Hanging Garden hasn't been played in 2005. i think, don't quote me....

and how about Give Me It???



It's so sad that those 2 songs were not played this year!! Two of my favorite songs!!  :cry: I hope they would play those two next year!  :-D 8)
#Cheers - Patrick#


- screw
- the caterpillar
- do the hansa

curiosa frank


I really hate the walk


"Foxy Lady"
"A Pink Dream"
"Taking Off"

I can't believe some of the other songs listed by people. It's nice to see how a band means so many different things to so many. I can't believe people mentioned "Fight" & "Charlotte Sometimes". In a live setting though, I could really do without "Let's Go To Bed", "Boys Don't Cry" & ""Just Like Heaven". I have just seen them way to many times for my own sanity. I used to like them, but have just grown very tired of them.
and all the other voices say,
change your mind, your always wrong...


There's really no song by them I really dislike. I actually used to abhor "Gone", but after all these years it's really grown on me. I really like it now!

A note on "Taking Off"... No pun intended, but I think it really takes off in the right direction. That opening riff is classic. It reminds me of their stuff from the mid-'80s.

When I first heard this song I thought, "Wow", and then when the lyrics came in I was suddenly disappointed. I don't like the melody of the vocals or something. I'm also not really fond of how the chorus goes, or the lyrics for that matter. This song could have been different, and much, much better in my opinion.


I completely agree with you Caley. The music is fine, it's the words that really ruin it for me.
and all the other voices say,
change your mind, your always wrong...

Tristan Berlin

I hate "Round & Round & Round"  :smt078