Favourite cure videos

Started by strange_as_angels, September 04, 2005, 22:56:18

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Quote from: Poe on August 28, 2008, 01:42:05
I'd love to see that, don't know where to look for stuff like that. Google would be a start of course... :roll:
i think currently one master version (for rockumentary 92) is up on the tracker on foreverdrowning.net.

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pictures of you  :D it's simple, and i like the props.


i really enjoy all the cure videos that are just crazy and don't make sense at all. like lovecats, caterpillar ( mint car ) and let's go to bed.
pictures of you and just like heaven are very beautiful.
but in the end lullaby is just very atmospheric and somehow different so it's my favorite video. it freaked me out the first time I saw it. I wasn't even used to robert's make-up so i was shocked  :shock:
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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i forgot primary and catch. looooooooooove those :smth041
lullaby is still my favorite. i talked to my mum about the cure and she doesn't even like them but she was like... i remember that scary video with the spiders.... that one is great  :smth043
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I love lullaby, Charlotte sometimes, hanging garden, primary, lovesong, just like heaven, hot hot hot, never enough, the end of the world ( i love stop motion movies!) hmm.. catch is pretty cute as well as boy dnt cry.

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I love their early stuff -"other voices", "a forest", "Hanging Garden"-stuff like that.  I also like "Never enough" and "Lovecats" is cute. I really like the live music.


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Catch, Pictures of You, Inbetween Days, High


I really like Pictures Of You, it gives me some tumblr-hipster vibes, lol.


Catch, Fascination Street, Friday I'm In Love, Just Like Heaven, Why Can't I Be You?, In Between Days, High, The Hanging Garden, Close To Me, Boys Don't Cry, Hot Hot Hot, The End Of The World, Pictures Of You, Lovesong, Lets Go To Bed, In Between Days.


Hm, I really used to like the Cure's videos back in the late 1980s and early 90s... but it is difficult to name all the faves. I used to watch these compilations w/ the vids put out by the band as soon as I had a VHS video player ("Staring At The Sea" & "Picture Show" & later "Galore")! However since then, my interest in videos has diminished.
Back in the day, I really liked "Inbetween days", "The Caterpillar", "Lullaby", "Never enough" and "Just like heaven" (and yeah, the snowball fight at the tail end of "Pictures of you"!), nowadays still a fave is "Catch" (hence the topic about the single & video elsewhere here).

Btw, welcome to the Forum, Spock93!  :)
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i love the 13th,he looks so sexy with the smeared makeup and torn clothes. lovecats i love to,i heard they were pretty drunk in the making of it and you can tell, the way rob moves around like an old cartoon is so cute and i love the part where he plays with the kitten and it tries to bite him and he flinches <3 lullaby as well one of the first cure songs ive ever listened too, i love the part where the camera zooms into his teeth and show his tongue and stuff. charlotte sometimes,they all look so sexy and i love the way they appear everywhere 'charlotte' goes especially in the running part. hot hot hot is good aswell,haha they look so tiny and the way rob moves around is like in the lovecats videos. mint car is so poppy and i like his silly face expressions and the train part
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