Favourite cure videos

Started by strange_as_angels, September 04, 2005, 22:56:18

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Tristan Berlin


Just like heaven and Gone ex aequo  :wink:


Charlotte Sometimes is my favourite one. The boys looks really "dark" and "great" there.

In the other side I love the Friday I'm in Love video!!!

Quote from: Tristan BerlinYeah, Charlotte Sometimes is wonderful. So dark and sad. But my favourite is Other Voices. The guys look pretty cool in this video.  :shock:
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for me it's Why can't be you? they are like a boys band :lol:  :lol:


My favourite is Forest, Other voices Primary, etc.

Can you tell me, where I can Download Play For Today video? Thanks :lol:
[backwards talking starts - see below]

[voice 1 - male]: "Yeah, and bring the van..."

"Oh no, the lights [???] gone out on the truck And they took the tyres and the gas"

[keyboard starts]

[voice 1]: "They've robbed the cash register too!"


Taking off...so happy so green :roll:
With love...Minervo B.


beautiful surrounings, band looks best in this period


I think the pre-Tim Pope videos kinda sucked. Though Charlotte Sometimes wasn't too bad, most people seem to hate it.


i like inbetween days...i don't know why...but i like it :)


I love "Friday I'm in Love." lol. It's so goofy looking.
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Inbetween Days and Just Like Heaven :smt098


Friday I'm In Love was the first video I saw by them, so it's definitely up there. Hot Hot Hot!!! is just damn funny, especially the extended version. And I've always liked the dark quality of Charlotte Sometimes, even though Robert thinks it was the worst video they ever made.

And many more...


Never Enough
*freaking* cool ...after the lull the dark giant will storm...
The Caterpillar
my first cure video...
The End of the World
lots of reminders to older videos (or maybe it's just my imagination)
The Lovecats
Inbetween days
love the juxtaposition of the eerie fluorescent faces with the 'happy' black-and-white main film... i've been wondering if it could be a way to mirror the double nature of the song, happy music and sad lyrics... :roll:


"Jumping someone else train" I like  :smt049
Railways it's my hobby :smt040


lullaby - the first video i ever saw... although nowadays it looks amazingly bright and even a bit too sunny at times...?

never enough  

why can't i be you? - wonderful idiotism! still makes me laugh every time i see it  :smt043

inbetween days - never mind the socks, close to perfect!

the end of the world - magical atmosphere, but they sadly lost it immediately with taking off then  :(

(charlotte sometimes:
for me it's the second most embarrassing video they've ever made - the first position in this category goes to
lovesong, clearly...  :oops:  :smt120 )
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