2005.07.02 Versailles - Esplanade du Château (France) 'Live 8'

Started by heixiao, July 18, 2005, 00:39:04

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Hi everybody... I was just wondering what you think about the LIVE 8 concert? Happy, indifferent, disappointed (Come on !)...

Even if it's hard to say because this performance wasn't a real show or concert, i have really loved the introduction of End and the way how Porl plays the chords is really cool, specially on Just Like heaven... Only 5 songs... I expected more from the last band of the day but it's good to see him back and i hope the set-list of this summer is gonna be enormous  :D   :D
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This link comes from the official web site... You can choose your song... and take a look on the other band... that's nice....n :wink:
Movement, no movement, just a falling bird


Well, I can say that I had mixed emotions about that. In one hand I was happy because of Porl's return, the guitar never sounded better during the last 12 years.
In the other hand I didn't like the lack of keyboard sound. With this you can realize how vital is the sound of a good keyboardist in the band (I really miss Roger  :cry: )

I think the shows to come are gonna be great.

But I have a enormous doubt: They will put someone on keyboards? or they gonna use the same strategy as the Live8 show regarding to the keyboard sound?
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Hi. I enjoyed that show very much. In the last years they soundet most equal. I missed a develpoment of the sound and the energy. Sometimes it seemed they were sick of playing together, especially Roger looked like he was bored sometimes. The live8-gig was very influenced by Porl and I'm glad about it. The Energy I've missed appeared again and so I rembered the wish-times. I'm looking forward to the future hoping Porl will join the Cure for longer. Maybe they find another guy for keys, because I think they should not play without keyboards because this is important for the music of the cure and some special songs. I must say, I don't miss Roger but I'm a little bit sad about Perry. :roll:

(Porl Thompson in the Hall Of Fame at my Website: http://www.homepage24.de/tristanberlin  :lol: )



Quote(Porl Thompson in the Hall Of Fame at my Website: http://www.homepage24.de/tristanberlin  )

Hey Tristan, I've just seen your website... It looks cool but unfortunately my german sucks !! I'm glad to see that i'm not the only one to have got the curse of the left-hand-guitar player...  :wink:  :wink:  :wink:

So now we have a common point with Perry Bamonte  8)  8)
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Tristan Berlin

Hey, thanks for visit my site. Well, maybe one of us can replace perry...oh no, this is blasphemy  :lol:


I think this short gig was great. I agree, Porl brings back an energy that was missing within the band in the last decade. They really seem to enjoy playing together and Robert is in peak form (just see how he screams on One hundred years!).

Though, I don't particularly miss the keybords. I think the lack of keybords can "renew" some old songs: I love this "hard" version of Just like heaven (but maybe it's not the average fan's opinion I admit  :? )
Besides, thanks to the producer, 'The Cure' is an album in which the guitar is preeminent, isn't it?

Furthermore, when keybords are used just to play backing cords (on 17 Seconds, Faith & Pornography), they can play them with pedals and so on... Just listen to the live recordings of the 1981-82 era: you can't find out that there isn't a keybord player! Another extra group member would break this new energy, IMO...

And for the songs which really need a keybord player (of course, there are some!), remember that... Porl can play the keybords, can't he?


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Don't get too excited...

"Hey, let's put out a 4 disc set of the 'best' of Live 8. The Cure? Who???"


"Oh, Some bands got left off... Let's put out an import release with different groups on it. But since Shakira and Zucchero are so amazing, there's only room for one song by The Cure..."


What a joke.



according to amazon the cure will appear on the single paris-dvd with "one hundred years".


yeah, this is crap.  robbie williams has...what was it, 4 or 5 songs?  madonna, just as many.  why not divide it up a bit?  oh well, it's not like i'm going to buy the thing...



only one song :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:
music is the best


I noticed the DVD of the live 8 Paris show today. Hadn't seen this in the shops before, only the London concert. It says it has The Cure on it, but I couldn't see a track listing, so don't know if it is the full show.

Has anybody bought this?
Can you confirm if it has all The Cure tracks performed?


the cure are on the paris dvd with "one hundred years".


Yeah, a real shame. Robert said something about how they wanted "hits" for the main release of Live 8 on DVD. Did they forget that about the last two songs??? :roll: