New guidelines for posting in this section (from 5th April 2008)

Started by japanesebaby, April 05, 2008, 21:05:21

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from New guidelines for posting in this section (from 1st november 2006):

Dear Curefans,

As you may have noticed, the main focus of the forum has become downloading. Because people are sharing too many poorly encoded mp3's, and because at least 80% of members have fast Internet connections (according to our stats), the staff have decided the following after many weeks of discussion:

That from the 1st of November only shows in FLAC and other lossless formats may be uploaded to the Audio section of the forum.

Why? Because we believe that we should focus on quality over quantity. There are literally hundreds of mp3 bootlegs, and it's just an invitation for the people to download and download, and not to participate in the discussions of the forum, which was originally the main focus of this forum.

Because approximately 10% of us have slower connections, the staff and host sites are willing to help those who want to share or download the FLAC shows. We will be posting more details about this in the near future.

This will certainly require some patience and adjustment. We hope for your understanding, and we invite you to discuss this post here.

Thanks for your cooperation,

The Curefans staff

Please note that from april 2008 on these rules will also apply to 'other artists' section. this means that mp3s shows can no longer be uploaded in this section.

Please see these two topics for more info/discussion:

New guidelines for posting in this section (from 1st november 2006)

Clarification on the new rules

For labeling the downloads, please also have a look at this topic:

New standard for labeling downloads [Please read]

Thank you

The Staff
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