What is Robert mumbling/whispering in Disintegration?

Started by kickouttheblues, July 30, 2011, 15:25:23

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(another question)

Have been trying to figure this out for so so many years now.
Twice, Robert is mumbling something, words that are not added with the original lyrics.

To me it sounds "Oh no, what's this..." but surely it is something very very different.
And there's another moment when Robert says something that I cannot understand.
At the moment I haven't got a cd player that shows the running time (damn thing) so I can't say the exact time when you hear Robert mumbling something.

Anyone who knows?

Many cheers!!


Since 1989, I have the same thought, listening Disintegration song, we can here Robert's voice in the background at 00:41 and 02:12.
I was wondering if anybody can hear them and write them ?
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