What's the first Cure song you played in the new year?

Started by dsanchez, January 01, 2015, 15:15:47

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I decided to listen The Top, The Head On The Door and Kiss Me Kiss me Kiss me. Did all the two first albums in the last day of 2014 but finished the last one already in 2015. The first song I listened this year was "Icing Sugar". I didn't listen to this for quite a while so it was very interesting to re-discover it :smth020

Icing Sugar -The Cure
2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo


Charlotte Sometimes (Multicam version from Xmas gigs 2014)!  :smth023


Well done, and the song fitted my mood.
I'm walking slowly and quickly, but always away...


Lets my memory be perverted to the uses    
Of lying and oppression.    
My lovers and their children must not be dispossessed of me;
I would be the untarnished possession forever
Of those for whom I lived.
(Spoon River Anthology, E.L.M.)



2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo


21.07.89 - Birmingham NEC
19.01.91 - Great British Music Weekend, Wembley Arena
01.05.92 - St. Austell Coliseum
25.06.95 - Glastonbury
16.12.96 - Birmingham NEC

...still too few times and far too long since the last gig!


"Bird Mad Girl" was the first song I played this year. Its a song that brings a good mood... Perfect to start the year!
2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo


So I was watchin 120 Minutes today (only music vids now but still from 12-2 am once a week on Monday n I always always stay up for it) n they play a lot of great bands (Siouxsie and the Banshees, Radiohead, Morrissey, New Order, Depeche Mode, Beck Hansen, Faith No More, R.E.M., The Cure, n so many more bands). So it was the last few minutes, n Friday I'm In Love came on. I actually started cryin n singin tbh. It was 1:50 or so am, n my first Cure song of the new year. My first song this year was actually Blue Monday by New Order!!


"Pictures Of You" from 'Play Out', the best live ever version of this song IMO:

2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo


En cette nation [Russie] qui n'a pas eu de théoriciens et de démagogues,
les pires ferments de destruction ont apparu. (J. Péladan)



To start 2020 I played "Want". It's already a tradition :)

2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo


"Cut Here". Saw my parents after 4 years and realised I should visit them more often. You never know, sometimes later, does not always come...
2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo


As always - Jupiter Crash, the live version from the Dressing up for a Day Out bootleg.

I got this for X-Mas in 1995, the same year I first saw them live, and it's been a very special version for me ever since.

Happy new year btw to all of you!   ;)
and we close our eyes to sleep
to dream a boy and girl
who dream the world is nothing but a dream