2005.08.05 Benicassim - Area de Conciertos de Benicassim (Spain)

Started by dsanchez, July 27, 2005, 01:25:09

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I've just listened the show. I thought to be in fornt of my computer during the show but i have only heard the last part of "At night"  :cry:  :cry: So thanks a lot to the webmasters to have put the mp3s on line so fast...

Ok, the setlist is nice with good surprises but i really expect more songs from 81 or 82 period on the next shows... The guitar-line of Porl is interesting but sometimes it sounds weird  :wink:  :wink:  i wish i could hear the rest of the songs: "A letter to Elise", "A signal to noise", "End" and especially "Push" because on the last tours the song was not played fast enough... Anyway, i really like "Lullaby" and i was surprised and very impressed by "alt.end"  :shock:  which is not a song that i use to listen from the last lp. its clear that there is a big difference between a show with and without Porl...

Let's wait for the next shows !!!  :D  :D

P.S: Nice picture Dsanchez!
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as far as I am concerned they need a keyboarder. If I compare for example at night with the version on the paris album I prefer the paris one.


personally I think it sounded great, okay a few rough edges, but much livelier than many recent performances, and I for one enjoyed the more full on guitar sound  :D
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I am curious about that "signal to noise"

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I liked everything i've heard but the end of the world sounded weak and out of tune!

i love all these songs without keyboards!! but i think if they are going to make a new record, they will obviously get another keyboardist!!


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I'm sure they will.
Even if they find a new guy for the keys we don't might to forget the fact, that Robert, Simon and Porl are able to play keyboards. So they will use some on the new record.  :wink:

How the end always is

i'm for the Cure with the keyboards because i love the dreamy of cure's music (sorry for my english, i'm italian..)that expecially the piano in Bloodlfowers, really carry on...In fact Bloodflowers is so elegant...!!
The setlist of Benicassim, don't have The Top, Bloodflowers and WildMoodSwings like always and i don't like it... i wish for the taormina concert a mix of all the albums...
Anyway, i never listen a so beautiful version of Lullaby, for me the best ever!!! And i think, it's Porl guitar...
Alt.End absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!
A Beautiful surprise The Blood and a very rocks version of The baby screams...
i hope for some b-sides in the others show...

I miss very much roger... :oops: