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Title: FAQ: Albums and songs
Post by: dsanchez on April 16, 2007, 16:11:56
The purpose of this topic is to organize most of the questions asked in this board. Enjoy!


Best cover (,3324.0.html)
Best A Forest version (,1360.0.html)
Best pop song (,3174.0.html)
Best rare song (,1003.0.html)
Best song of the decade (2000-2009) (
Best song to start your day (
Best: Stand-Alone single (,5195.0.html)
Happiest song (,10.0.html)
Saddest song (,3284.0.html)
Song for your funeral ( 
Song that best represent all The Cure is about (
Songs that you don't like (
Song you identify most with (
Songs for events/situations (
Worst cover (,1156.0.html)


Best live album (,3461.0.html)
Favorite album (,3254.0.html)
Most underrated album (,3152.0.html)

Best song of...

4:13 Dream (
The Cure (
Bloodflowers (,1721.0.html)
Wild mood swings (,1394.0.html)
Wish (,1266.0.html)
Disintegration (,1267.0.html)
Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me (,3430.0.html)
The Head on The Door (,1239.0.html)
The Top (
Pornography (,1722.0.html)
Faith (,1242.0.html)
Seventeen Seconds (
Three Imaginary Boys (,1723.0.html)
Boys don't cry (,1724.0.html)


Favorite video (,370.0.html)


Best Concert Opener (
Best Tours (
Best 4:13 Dream B-side (
Best of: Disintegration Alternative Rarities 1988-1989 (
Cure sound on other people's songs (