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Title: MUSE - 2008-04-12 London, Royal Albert Hall [2 DVD, multicam] [*second source*]
Post by: japanesebaby on March 15, 2009, 11:17:21
some guys know how to edit stuff - even if you were not interested in Muse/this dvd, check out the professional look of those trailers:

Trailer 1 (

Trailer 2 (

:shock: :D

some teasers:

dvd intro (with the band interview):


those giant balloons falling of the ceiling of the hall :D

in some communities people know what team-work means & what you can achieve with it... 
some people could learn from this...

(and quite amazingly, this the second multi-cam version for the royal albert hall show, both shared on dime/other trackers.)

dvd 1 -->

dvd 2 -->

Quote2008-04-12 - Royal Albert Hall (Teenage Cancer Trust), London, UK - AMT A

Date: 12th April 2008
Venue: Royal Albert Hall (London) TCT
Country: UK

Editor: Liam (takeabow19) / Mapoftheglorious

Source: Audience (Standing / Seated)
Video: A-
Audio: A-

DVD 1:
Interview & Albert Hall tour with Matt & Dom
01 - Take a Bow
02 - Map of the Problematique (+ Who knows who riffage)
03 - Supermassive Blackhole
04 - New Born (+ Headup riffage)
05 - Butterflies & Hurricanes
06 - Feeling Good
07 - Fury
08 - Invincible
09 - Hysteria
10 - Starlight
11 - Bliss

12 - Time is running out
13 - Stockholm Syndrome (+ riffage)
14 - Megalomania
15 - Osaka Jam (Drum & Bass)
16 - Plug in Baby
17 - Knights of Cydonia
End credits & aftershow backstage with Dom

Special Features:
Fury (proshot / audience POV split screen).
TCT History & info.
Soundchecking Bliss.
Matt soundchecking the organ.
Chris and Dom soundchecking "Osaka Jam".

Editors Notes:
This is my multicamera angle DVD edited by myself of Muses Royal Albert Hall gig built up from footage donated to this project by the cammers of the audience in their full quality. After months of work on this project this 2 disk DVD set is finally complete for free download.

The introductory clip with Matt and Dom is of lower quality because of the source, but the actual gig is in its full quality of which it was originally sourced by the suppliers.

I've had a few minor problems with the menu with not being able to get the chapter marks right but apart from that, its an animated "HAARP" style menu.

Id like to say a big thankyou to all the footage donators and for everyone's support, and a special thankyou to petrock2000 for the audio, citizen_pb for his large footage contribution and to paul_nicko for uploading this DVD.

This could be the first of many of my Muse edits so let me know what you think to this one.

This DVD has been edited by myself solely for Muse fans to enjoy, and is not to be bought or sold. This DVD is FREE to all.

Enjoy!, Liam.
Title: Re: MUSE - 2008-04-12 London, Royal Albert Hall [2 DVD, multicam] [*second source*]
Post by: Faith PT on February 26, 2010, 02:52:15
The torrent still working I will start downloading this show.

Thank you for the links.

Faith PT