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After Dublin my second summershow of 2019 and again in a country which I haven't been before. Is anyone else going to Bucharest this upcoming weekend?
I couldn't watch the film, only one day at 8pm, so i was still at work.
Any news about it releasing on BR/DVD or even download code? I really wish they allow to have a 4K download, along with a physical release,  for those that don't plan to buy a UHD BR player.
I think it is okay as you do not disturb others by blocking their view, in the end there are a lot of questionable behaviours in live concerts, especially in these big festivals that seem to be a huge party instead of a place to enjoy music.
It also depends on how often you can afford/enjoy the bands you like, and everyone (almost) wants to have some kind of 'souvenir' of being there, so if you can see them often, you don't care that much, but I've only been 4 times to Cure concerts, 2 when i was younger and cameras where analogic, so i have 0 memories from those, and when i saw them in 2008 i took 2-3 pictures that , well, blurry as hell, from the distance. So last time, 2016, i took my camera and my smartphone and took a few quality pictures, and recorded 2-3 songs, especially the upbeat ones, where people go mad anyway (jumping and singing so you really can't even hear Bob's voice, Friday i'm in love and ones like that)
I will probably do the same next time, it may be the last one. However i always try to have the camera or smartphone low enough, close to my chest or face,  so i do not disturb anyone.
Quote from: Mez7000 on Today at 11:37:31Impossible to enjoy a show whilst engrossed in your phone.
We are addicted to our devices... wonder how many were checking their social media feeds on a regular basis!

Many do so - I can't, as I own a very old-fashioned mobile phone, which I turn off during a Cure show. At the Stuttgart show in 2016, I had my (little) camera on me, I took a few pics, of which two were kinda "viewable". (During a Cure gig, which lasts 2-3 hours, there is enough time to try taking some pics. I knew others would be filming, so I didn't...)

Still, the signs where "humanity" might be heading, are to be found in how we treat other human beings, animals, the environment etc.!
Hey, thanks a lot for these links. I also think that Facebook is a great platform to improve your website visitors and this is why I also would like to use facebook ads campaign management technique for my new music band's promotion so that we can get more bookings for private events.
Impossible to enjoy a show whilst engrossed in your phone.
We are addicted to our devices with Facebook, Twitter etc like a drug addiction, wonder how many were checking their social media feeds on a regular basis!

Ps have wrote this message via my phone after reading my twitter feed! Damn I'm just the same as everyone else! #phoneaddict 😠
Something else / Re: What made you feel sad tod...
Last post by MeltingMan - Today at 11:30:12
This scene. 😭

And I was talkin' about how 7 billion people don't care how/if other people on earth are exploited in the "making" of those mobile devices...
The reason why people take pics (or vids) is because they want to "hold" this moment for "posterity", so they can re-watch it and say "I was there" (or show it to others) - because everyone knows they'll be dying one day and thus there is something left. That is a deeply human thing imho. (Of course I dislike people watching whole shows on their phones instead of "being there" - but I understand the emotion behind it.)
considering there are 7 Billion people in the planet and more than 7 Billion mobile devices in use, I think it's a very good indicator of our times (I am talking about how phones are -radically- changing human behavior)
Quote from: dsanchez on July 15, 2019, 22:01:18Where is humanity heading if even the world's greatest band show is not enough to capture our full attention?

I don't know where humanity is heading (probably to hell)... but certainly a few people taking pics/vids at a Cure show is not something to value the whole of "humanity"?  :?

(What's more of a "sign" about humanity is how "we" exploit other countries or whole continents to be able to use such technical devices...)

Btw, apparently German band "Die Toten Hosen" asked not to use cameras, smartphones etc. at their recent acoustic show - probably because they were filming it...)
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