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General The Cure Discussion / Re: You Know you are a Cure fa...
Last post by SueC - December 01, 2019, 13:59:12
When you're lying in bed with bronchitis and you say, "Of course, it doesn't matter if we all die."  :angel

And yeah, I can't say, "Wrong number!" to someone anymore without thinking of the song.  Songs like that are sort of like infections.  :-D
News from reliable sources / Re: The Cure 40th anniversary ...
Last post by Ulrich - November 30, 2019, 17:13:48
For the "anniversary" of "Seventeen Seconds", there will be a new calendar (for 2020, of course).

Quote from: undefinedLIMITED EDITION


A3 sized, spiral bound at top.
Something else / Re: What's On Your Mind Atm??
Last post by MeltingMan - November 30, 2019, 16:06:02
Better late than never.

The last set is my favorite too. The vertical stripes are ethereal. 🤩

I must admit the second from right is definitely a head-turner. 😳
Naked in the office, well, but naked in the gym? Nobody expects that, right?

Thanks for the room tour, Fio. You are, if I may say so, blossomed right this year. Me or we have seen content that is actually only reserved for your friend / husband. Therefore a thick ❤️

PS: I was not really surprised after your 30 minute statement. Someone noticed "his" absence and you "liked" him/her. Since then, the separation is no longer a secret. Your transformation is quite phenomenal. What you do is authentic and deserves recognition.
At first I did not know so much about you. Of course, questions came up. Much has been clarified by itself. So far I've only seen one of your daughters, Selena was her name, I think. What about the other?
Other Artists / Re: What non-Cure concerts are...
Last post by Ulrich - November 29, 2019, 13:49:45
Ruts DC (celebrating the 40th anniversary of legendary album "The Crack") tonite.
Something else / Re: Currently Watching
Last post by MeltingMan - November 28, 2019, 15:32:53
Let's stay a moment in 1967 with a touch of Gothic!  😇

Something else / Re: Hugging Day
Last post by SueC - November 28, 2019, 09:31:04
Maybe you look like a teddy bear, or give off teddy bear vibes, @Ulrich, and so people can't help themselves!  ;)

General The Cure Discussion / Re: You Know you are a Cure fa...
Last post by Ulrich - November 26, 2019, 14:24:46
... when Cure song titles help you in "real life". A call on my mobile, foreign number... didn't understand one word, tried to find out what's going on, then I remembered to say "wrong number", which helped and the call ended.  :beaming-face
Something else / Re: Currently Watching
Last post by MeltingMan - November 25, 2019, 16:47:22
I had such a "green" premonition. Honestly! And then the mirror - reminds me of Dance of the Vampires, only at Polanski the mirror is empty and the hall filled with vampires. You have to understand that first. 👹 The music and interior design is excellent.
And excellent actors too, of course.

Something else / Re: Hugging Day
Last post by Ulrich - November 25, 2019, 14:51:13
Ok, I'll have to admit it now: I guess I am the hugging type (or at least people think I am)...

Weeks ago I went to see a band, which I'd seen the previous year - but at that show the singer had lost her voice, so it wasn't really good (I didn't mind, I'd gone for the support band), so I tried again this year when they happened to play nearby (this time they were good!), when I told their merch guy about it afterwards, he gave me a hug (with no warning at all)!  :1f631:

Last week I met two old mates (who used to play in a band, they often put me on the guest list), one of 'em I hadn't seen in years, when I went up to him it took him a few seconds to recognise me (I think he has slight problems with his eyesight), then he gave me a hug. So did his bandmate later. That was quite okay, as I know and like these guys.
When I went to their gig with their "new" band, the wife of one of 'em was there, who I hadn't seen in years. She gave me a very firm and long hug, which was mutual! Really lovely to see her again and it felt good to be hugged.

Thus, in short: I'm getting used to it!  ;)
Something else / Re: What's On Your Mind Atm??
Last post by Ulrich - November 25, 2019, 14:35:35
Quote from: SueC on November 25, 2019, 13:30:41I boggle at some of the names of bands, and band members.  I mean, calling yourself Rat Scabies ...

Wasn't his own idea. When he answered an ad of a band looking for a drummer, he went there for the audition and kept scratching himself, when asked he said "I've got scabies". Then later, the other band members saw a rat behind the drumkit and thought it looked a bit like him... thus the name stuck on him (at first, most people thought "punk" would last a few months, thus he expected to revert to his real name soon, but he's still called Rat by most people and he's gotten used to it. Signs messages with "Ratty" and so on...)
This is probably my favourite series which was never made (unfortunately):

"Tim Vic" (stage name of Nosferatu singer) apparently comes from a situation which happened in the U.S. years ago (robbery or so). Police arrived and asked him "are you the victim?"...  :lol:

Quote from: SueC on November 25, 2019, 13:30:41Glad you had a good time!  :smth023

Thanks, looking forward to seeing Ruts DC on Friday now.  :cool
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