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Something else / The Age-Related Falling Apart ...
Last post by SueC - June 25, 2020, 03:32:34
Dear fellow denizens travelling from cradle to grave

...and perhaps closer to t'one than t'other...

I don't know if all of us need a thread like this yet, but some of us will...  :1f62a:

Anyway, this is where you can bring your new malfunctions/equipment failures/ailments/afflictions/additional weather forecasting capabilities, and tales of young whippersnappers who don't respect their elders and betters and whatever they listen to, it's clearly not music... :angel

...and get a sympathetic ear and perhaps a collection of other people's miseries that make you feel better about your own (...is that all? ...you don't know how well off you are!).

After all, did not a wise man once say, "The fire's nearly out, and there's nothing left to burn..." (when he was only bloody well 39, for heaven's sake  :evil:  - oh to be 39 again grumble grumble)...  :angel

Catalogue your woes here.

I'll be brave and jump into this murky pool first.

I could go on and on about loss of skin elasticity and the cumulative effects of gravity on mammary glands and other non-essential and essential parts of the anatomy, about getting one's hair colour from a bottle, about having to work harder on one's fitness than ten years ago, about the ever more challenging micromanagement of adipose deposits around the umbilicus, about not walking normally anymore when first getting out of bed in the morning but sort of creaking crabwise in a huddled manner in the general direction of the bathroom, about having your sex hormones being made by big pharma rather than your own gonads and wondering what would happen to that aspect of your life were you to get stranded on a desert island, about periodically not being able to stand straight for a couple of days without doing ten minutes of Pilates first just because you overdid something or moved the wrong way, about finding that one of your toe joints now dislocates and snaps back in a painful manner when you put pressure on your toe from a particular direction in the relatively normal course of movement, about being horrified by grating sounds when you turn your head from side to side, about suddenly needing reading glasses to be able to decipher your beloved books, about the horror of then looking at yourself through those reading glasses and realising that failing vision gave you an airbrushed view of yourself for a while now, about all sorts of stuff like that...  :beaming-face

...but I won't.  Instead, I'm just going to present my latest never-before-experienced piece of personal corporeal disintegration:  Pain in the bases of the thumbs after a week of cutting and dragging the old wood out of fodder hedges, which I hope is a soft tissue injury and not arthritis (because then at least it's got a decent chance of healing up uneventfully).

And I'm also going to mention my husband's most recent ridiculous foray into this territory:  Taking his lunch bag off the rear seat of the car from the driver's seat, and then not being able to use his shoulder properly for over three months.

My friend Alice, who's in her 80s, calls this game, "What fresh horror is this?"

Come ye and play.  :winking_tongue
General The Cure Discussion / Re: Photos of The Cure - Sheff...
Last post by SueC - June 25, 2020, 02:14:52
Does anyone else get the bends when looking at stuff from this far back, either other people or even your own photo album?   :1f635:  :-D
Music and Lyrics / Re: Exploring "Join The Dots"
Last post by SueC - June 25, 2020, 01:51:02
Thank you, @MAtT! :)  It's occasionally nerve-wracking to write like this, because I'm well aware that a) I'm a recent Cure fan and don't have a lot of the back story, and b) this stuff means a lot to a lot of people and here I am opining through my own particular prism of experience, which I guess is all that any of us can do, but still it can be awkward, and c) I'm really just journalling in public, and sometimes that's a bit like you're on a nude beach, instead of in your own bathroom.  :1f633:

But generally, I'm enjoying the process because writing about it makes you look at it in so much more detail than not writing about it, and having skin in the game is the difference between being fully there versus just coasting along.

If you want to chime in with this stuff here in any way no matter how tiny or enormous, you're most welcome.  The vista really starts to expand when there's more than one pair of eyes to look through!  :cool
Got this (photos attached) on the mailbox from Ian Ellis. If you use these photos elsewhere please credit him. Thank you!

QuoteI have been tidying my house and rediscovered some old photos which I took in 1982 when I went to see The Cure at Sheffield Polytechnic 

I think fans of The Cure will be interested to see the photos - I am happy for you to post them on your site for other Cure fans to see. Please just give me a name-check if you use them

If you would like me to send more photos from the same gig please let me know and I will send them to you.
Music and Lyrics / Re: Exploring "Join The Dots"
Last post by MAtT - June 24, 2020, 16:49:24

And it's great to see your analysis and opinions. Keep up the good work!


Something else / Re: Currently Watching
Last post by SueC - June 24, 2020, 15:24:29
@Ulrich, did you ever see this version of The Color Out Of Space?  (2010, German)

...Brett dug this up but said he didn't want to watch it because of how they changed it...  however, that was an interesting thing to film in black and white and just add that purple colour...
Music and Lyrics / Re: Exploring "Join The Dots"
Last post by SueC - June 24, 2020, 13:31:31
Hullo @MAtT:) 

Thank you for the link and also your own take.  I remember your comments on journalling on another thread where you were doing a recount of a mix tape.  :cool  Nice to "see" you here.

It's interesting to look at the differences between the original story and the re-telling.  That could be someone's project!  ;)
Music and Lyrics / Re: Exploring "Join The Dots"
Last post by MAtT - June 24, 2020, 12:57:26
Hi Sue, just back-reading some of this thread. On the How Beautiful You Are lyrics you commented on a while ago, you may already be aware of this now, but they are based on a poem called 'The eyes of the poor' by Baudelaire:


As you see, they don't quite include the "no one ever knows or loves another" you find jarring at the end. I've always taken it to imply that to love someone completely is to understand them completely, and it's that which is impossible.
Other Artists / Re: Currently Listening to
Last post by Ulrich - June 24, 2020, 12:56:44
"I came to you when I needed a rest
You took my love and put it to the test
I saw some things that I never would have guessed
Feel like a railroad, I pulled a whole load behind"

Music and Lyrics / Re: Exploring "Join The Dots"
Last post by SueC - June 24, 2020, 06:21:08

When 4:13 Dream arrived in the mail, I started another thread and got so immersed in it I forgot that there were two tracks left to go after Coming Up.

What is a dangleberry?  Well, we'll start with the Australian expression "dag" which literally is a shitty bit of wool on a sheep's bottom, but which is also used affectionately in this country to tease a person who tells "daggy" jokes, wears "daggy" clothes, or does other "daggy" things.  When I explained that to some Americans once, they laughed and said, "Oh, a bit like a dangleberry!" - that's for the literal meaning of "dag" and not its symbolic application - you could say that a dangleberry is a specific subset/potential component of a dag - and I'm using it symbolically here to refer to a bit I left dangling months ago and will now be tidying up. :angel

Two versions of Signal To Noise first - a track that was new to me when I got this CD set.

...and which I will be attending to shortly by adding to this post...
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