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What was the best Cure SOUND?

Started by dsanchez, August 19, 2005, 00:00:12

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What's the best CURE sound?

The 17 seconds/faith/pornography era
20 (25.3%)
The Top era
3 (3.8%)
The Head on the Door era (1985/1986)
4 (5.1%)
The Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me era (1987)
6 (7.6%)
The Disintegration era
24 (30.4%)
The Wish era
16 (20.3%)
The WMS era
1 (1.3%)
The Bloodflowers era
4 (5.1%)
The Cure 2005
1 (1.3%)
After 4:13
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 20


i was lucky to see cure since 1980 on each tour (not in 1992 where i married my wife) and so far to my opinion the cure 2005 sound absolutely great !!

curiosa frank


Disintegration is my favorite album, i cried when i first heard it!
it has a beautiful, dreamy, layered sound and the songs just drift into each other! it's like being in a dream! i cant really describe it but the music sort of becomes part of you, i've never had such a strong emotional connection with music
"and you finally found all your courage to
let it all go"

How the end always is

Disintegration is the best album ever and the era 1987/89 is absolutley the most creative in my opinion but...the best cure sound for me is the Bloodflowers period...


to me they sounded perfect on the pornography-album, great guitars
great bass-lines and it was the darkest sound they ever made (well
"prayers for rain" and "disintegration" would have fit perfectly on the
pornography album as well)

curiosa frank


head on the door has too many of my favorite songs.  i'd have to say 1985.


for me kiss me, songs like if only tonight,the kiss,torture,snakepit,just like heaven and so on, live at this time A forest live was fantastic !
Pornography a very close second i still play it to death!

Tristan Berlin

The best line-up for me is
Robert - Simon - Porl - Boris - Perry

They have never sounded better. I think it's because they were at their climax in 1992. It was the best period ever. Wonderful album, dreamy b-sides and this amazing world tour with so much great concerts.

But it's good to see so different opinions.... :lol:


QuoteDisintegration is my favorite album, i cried when i first heard it!

Could someone explain this bit too me...


definitly the 80-81-82 era sound. and the same for the line up.
OK Lol was the worst drummer cure ever had. but it is a question of alchemy and atmosphere. and the live recordings from this period (after the departure of Hartley) are amazing. it sounded as if it was the beginning of the end of the world.

I'm sorry Dsanchez but the 85-87 sound is not the new wave sound. it is the pop sound. the real new wave sound for me is the Seventeen Seconds sound. don't forget that new wave comes from the early beginning of eighties.

The Disintegration era is really really good too.

And i've got sentimental feelings for the Concert line up. i think this recording is unique : it goes dark, fast, precise. No overdubs, nothing to make it sound nice to our ears. It is punky. The Killing an Arab, Give Me It, A Forest, One Hundred Years, Charlotte Sometimes versions are amazing. Andy Anderson was really really good.
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NO question for me: sound of 17secs/faith/pornography is the most perfect. And I agree with Tristan, besidest the early albums contain 'same old songs'  :wink: Disintegration-Wish era is another twinkling milestone...  :)
(Anyway, check the stupid topic opened by me, called the setlist of the last show or something, I compiled only from the early albums, and from 3IB as well. I'd like that, hmmm... :lol: )
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In my opinion it was the 17 Seconds/Faith/Pornography era.

The live shows sounded amazing. Such power and aggression. I wish they filmed one of them.


I voted for 1992 era, but I love Disintegration and 1980-1982 era too.
100 Years


Wish era...Wish is excellent recording, Paris and especially Show fantastic! and B-sides too :)


1989 is the Cure's finest moment as far as I'm concerned. Who knows, though, maybe their new album may knock it out of the park and be better than all the others.

Here's hoping, at least........
"A Hand in my Mouth. A Life Spills into the Flowers."


Probably The Disintegration era but I also thought they were awesome on the Trilogy shows. :-D