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New album out in may 2007

Started by Tof, December 06, 2006, 16:41:47

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Quote from: Janko on July 04, 2007, 16:25:16


*whines* But they've already recorded Taking Off!
Another Curefan for The Dark Christmas album.


My friend recieved the following email from Universal Music NZ:

11th July 2007              FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

The Cure Seeing Double On 13th Studio Album

Set For A Spring Release

Would one expect anything less than a double album from The Cure on the occasion of its 13th studio release? "Rather than cut it down, at the stage we're at with the band, I'm making this record because I want to enjoy the process and be proud of the finished result," frontman Robert Smith tells Billboard of the as-yet-untitled effort, due in October via Suretone/Geffen. "It isn't a commercial concern for me."

"What will probably happen is that a double album will come out like a limited edition, mixed by me," he continues. "A single-disc version, which I assume will be primarily chosen by the label, might get mixed by someone else in order to have a different thing. There's a concern Cure fans will feel like they have to get both, but the fact is, I've agreed to sell the double version at a single album price, because I feel that strongly about it. It is almost impossible to get a double album nowadays. I naively thought my standing as an artist would push aside all objections, but the world gets ever more commercial as it turns."

Tracks due to make the cut include "Lusting Here in Your Mind" ("It sounds suspiciously like heavy rock to me," Smith says), "The Hungry Ghost," "The Perfect Boy," "Christmas Without You" ("That's not a very happy song," he says) and "Please Come Home."

"There are songs about relationships, the material world, politics and religion. They're very upfront and dynamic," says Smith of the new songs. "People will be surprised how stripped-down and in-your-face the record is."

Smith also trolled through his massive catalogue of demos and found three pieces dating back to the '80s that the band revamped. "They've changed quite a lot, but the basic melody and chord structure has remained," he says. "They do have a certain old Cure-ness about them."

As usual, Smith slaved over the lyrics, contributing to a delay in completing the project. "I've gone through so many revisions, probably more than all of the other records put together," he says. "I just wanted to get the tone right to reflect how I am at the age I'm at."

Smith promises The Cure will play new material during its world tour, but not too much. "A lot of people who come to Cure shows want to hear something they haven't heard before, but they also want to hear old songs," he offers. "I enjoy playing them. But the idea of going out and doing a two-and-a-half hour show and including 10 or 12 new songs would actually be really awful, I think. A show is an experience. Anyone coming to a Cure show isn't going to go home and think about buying the album. They've already made their minds up by the fact they've bought a ticket to see us."

The Cure play Auckland at the Vector Arena, Tuesday August 14th

Hopefully some new songs on tour and album not far afterwards (depending on which Spring they mean!). I think I will have to try and record the show after all....



we'll have some news about the album in the month between the end of the australian leg of the tour and the start of the north-american one.




i still hope it isn't !  :-D


Quote from: [labyrinth] on August 05, 2007, 17:15:11
i still hope it isn't !  :-D

No kidding!  I seriosuly don't think I could buy an album with that picture of Jason it it.  The thought of having that picture in my home creeps me out.  4:13 may be the first Cure album I just download through Rhapsody.

edit: Well, of course I'll buy the album because I fully supposrt The Cure. I'll just  photoshop a picture of Boris over Jason's mug and hidious hair


apart from Jason and stuff like that...

the cover would be really "meaningless" ... i mean, yes it is a picture of the moment and the lineup (of this era) but, it has not anything to deal with cover ART... it could be just a promo pic...

and of course i'll buy the album...but i would prefer a better cover,you know... i even liked the "bloodflowers" one.

anyway, is not the cover the important part of an album,isn't it? (even if i think it has such an important role in an album) so, if it will be this one or another one..let's hope for some NEW-REALLY-GOOD music :)


So 4:13, as in 4th decade, 13th album?


4-piece group doing the 13th album with 13 songs (single version) or 26 songs (13 * 2 in the double version)


4:13 as in its April 13th, 2009 release date!

But no, I think it's probably 4 members (ala 4tour, etc), 13th album.


I like the cover and the title, too...nothing original, but nice! ;)
To be honest, I really don't care very much about the name or the picture...all I want is a great album with very very very amazing songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D
Lost forever in a happy crowd!
I will kiss you forever on nights like this, I will kiss you, I will kiss you...and we shall be together...


the title is kinda acceptable...
but the "ipotetic" cover is horrible  :-D :-D


Quote from: [labyrinth] on August 07, 2007, 00:38:06
but the "ipotetic" cover is horrible  :-D :-D

It reminds me of a boyband's album cover, ahahah!!!!!  :lol:
Lost forever in a happy crowd!
I will kiss you forever on nights like this, I will kiss you, I will kiss you...and we shall be together...


Is this really the new album cover??? It looks a little bit simple.
It's not the artwork i'm used by the band.
So in the end let's wait and see what the album cover will look like when they will release the CD. :)
For me the most important thing is the music on the CD.
And in this case the music will be great!!!