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North American Fall 2007 Cure shows re-scheduled for Spring

Started by vincent, August 24, 2007, 15:44:51

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the matter is:
they had this thing to do...and they wanted it to be done NOW... maybe new ideas, new things,and things that who don't have nothing to do with creativity can't just understand.
i know, this could've been done in a different way...for instance,not announcing a world tour before the album was perfectly completed...but that's it...i mean, they did it and RS is sorry about this and , in fact...he apologies in almost every post...
maybe i would be angry,too if this would've happened to me....but i would understand the reasons...

and i really can't understand...why the people is going so insane trying to say that the "real" (?) reasons are not the ones about the album...
i mean, even if the "real" (??) reasons are "hide" to us (hmm..thing i personally don't really believe), who the hell give a f**k ? this is so, real or unreal is....nothing changes and nothing moves (beckett used to say)'s completely unuseful.

and...sorry if i was rude.


Well, people were angry, and people needed to vent. It's understandable, even if they sometimes went too far... to the point of exaggeration and speculation. I appreciate that Robert is sorry (it could not have felt good to make that announcement), but some of his posts have a bit of a confrontational tone. Not totally unwarranted, had this just been sheer, uncalled-for aggression towards him and the band.

But it's just frustration. Mostly temporary and relatively minor (not forgetting those who are out some serious cash, however! I feel for them.). Better to let it burn down some than to stir stuff up with some argumentative posts. Better to take the "high road" and simply say "I am really, honestly sorry" than to follow an excuse-fest with snarky comments.

(The excuse-fest being the postponement announcement... Citing the album, and then the other stuff about wanting to re-work the live show. Given the setlists of the past few years, I can see how folks would be skeptical about that last bit. But we'll see.)

All I can say is that if this is the "best line-up ever", and they are working on the "best album ever", and just dropped their greatest cancellation ever (an objective fact), the make-up tour had better live up to the hype.

As has been said before... rock it '96-style. Mixed bag of songs, differing setlists, long sets, nice encores, no opener.

So yeah, I'm still a bit let down... but still (naively?) hope that they still have it in them to out-do themselves when they come back.

Oso Blanco

And what will his excuse be next time? That he has some urgent painting to do in his living room? Gimme a break!

Cancelling a whole tour just to finish an album that had been delayed for almost two years doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Robert has gone seriously nuts, and that's it.
Time is the fire in which we burn ...


Somebody on the official said that the Santa Barbera Bowl doesn't reopen until June 22nd, so the show can't be rescheduled for April/May 08.