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Cure fans' stories online

Started by claude, April 17, 2008, 21:20:23

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How did you get into The Cure?

The media and culture website Hagley Road to Ladywood http://www.mymarilyn.blogspot.com is currently working on a project (online, possibly more, it depends on a few factors) to coincide with the release of the new Cure album.
It's a call to all Cure fans, old and new, no matter what sex, age, religion or country, to get in touch with us.
We would like to know how you first got into The Cure. Were you at school? Was it through a relationship? Did you her them on the radio? Or were you flicking through a magazine and liked the look of Robert Smith (or Simon Gallup)?...How did you get into them?
Also, how has your attitude towards The Cure changed through the years???

We are collecting as many stories as we can. Please get in touch by email at claudecarpentieri@hotmail.com


I'm wondering what it is you are exactly planning to do! Will this be a book? Is it offically related to The Cure at all? When completed, how can we curefans.com people get a copy or see it... you know, those type questions! :roll:
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Last April we called for all Cure fans worldwide to send us their stories. How did they first get into The Cure? Which song got them hooked up?
The response we received was extraordinary and truly international  :D

At Birmingham (UK)'s Hagley Road to Ladywood,we decided to turn it into a permanent feature.  Here's the link:


"Last April we called for all Cure fans, old and new, to get in touch with us. We wanted to know how they first got into The Cure and the beginning of their music love affair. Were they at school? Was it through a relationship? Did they her them on the radio? Or were they flicking through a magazine and liked the look of Robert Smith (or Simon Gallup)?

The response we got was phenomenal. Hundreds of fans from all over the world were kind enough to open up and share their stories. We received all sorts, from fans who simply took to their music after borrowing a tape from a mate, to others who told us about their life-changing experiences. Some were truly touching, the ultimate proof of how deep The Cure strike into their fans' consciousness. As it transpires from your stories, The Cure is a way of life. At the end of the day, if you're reading this, you probably know what I mean.

Quite obvious too was The Cure's cross-genereational appeal. A number of those who replied are teenagers and new recruits. Then there's the bulk of those who got into Robert Smith & Co. during the so-called 'golden age' of The Head On The Door, Kiss Me, Disintegration and Wish, the albums that handed The Cure official world stardom. But, most surprisingly, we also heard from veteran Cureheads from the early days, people who told us about their memories of seeing the band on the 1981 Picture tour, for instance. Disintegration, confirming its status as true masterpiece, came clearly on top of everybody's affection. Predictably, instead, Wild Mood Swings is regarded as the opposite end of the spectrum.

We figured that The Cure's wide and international appeal deserves to be recorded and kept for everybody's perusal..."


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