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new albium(ther has got to festival shows)

Started by cooky, August 17, 2008, 19:55:29

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next year there must be a festival tour or are they going to do another one of show in london or maybe glastonbury ,to promote the new albium ?

what do you all think ,are we going to see them in 2009 (hope so)
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I'd say some promo shows for the album will take place this year.  Next year, well it'll be the 30th anniversary of the band.  Rumors have them playing more shows to celebrate this.  But hey, rumors are just that.  The 4 Tour was a success, so they very well could go for another outing, perhaps something on a smaller scale. 

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I think that they will make tour to the new album next year... when? I don't know, maybe in middle of the year??  :roll:
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