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released demos (new)

Started by DJscribbles, September 18, 2008, 04:54:07

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Quote from: figurehead on October 09, 2008, 18:01:58

Can't wait till the 27/28th of October...

Yes, this should mean that there will be no more delays!


Fatter than Bob, balder than Porl, as sober as Simon, as amusing as Jason


Fatter than Bob, balder than Porl, as sober as Simon, as amusing as Jason


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EDIT: Just played around with a playlist of the 2004 sessions in iTunes.
Before Three
Truth Goodness And Beauty
The End of the World
Please Come Home
A Boy I Never Knew
Your God is Fear
This Morning
The Promise

Yeah nice list!  :smth023
Although I'd take off 'Your God Is Fear' and add 'Fake' and 'Going Nowhere'.

I agree that Fake and Going Nowhere should be a part of the album.  It's funny how just a few changes can totally give the album a completely different vibe.  And think about some of the setlists that would have come from such an album.  Damn you Robert!   

Hi People, i know i am a bit (very) late to this discussion, but i came across this forum the same day i was trying to iron out my blood flowers and 2004 cds (complete mixes) and felt compelled to join in.  (i hope this works, i want to upload 2 pics showing the 2 cds. discuss.


here are some pics of the (printed) cds of the above track listings.  outer jackets to come.  all are from official cds (wav_>wav) except for 2004demos, spilt, ching chang, heavy, everything and dragon. self edited, and (tried) remastering the 2004 demos to reduce the static and enhance the sound which i think i did when i compare new and original. -- on blood flowers i dont care for 'TIN if' and i really struggled with leaving off 'loudest sound' as i like it especially the guitar melody but when playing the cd i always want to skip ahead half way through to get to '39'.... so i took it off to make room for the rest.  i know 'cut here' came after, but i think it has lyrical and musical ties to spilt milk, and ching is like sister song to spilt milk or at least an alternate version of it, so i wanted to give 'cut here' its place here. and i think the 2 instrumentals are quite good and interesting so i had just enough room (with editing) to fit them in and put them into rotation. 'heavy' has a very abrupt cut off so i did a fade out on that.  and 'everything' just goes on and on and on with the same rif so i chopped it in half to be able to make room for it and it would be enough to ''get my fill'' of it and not get sick of it.  i originally chopped off the last half, but after several experiments and trial and error chopped off the first half as that is where most of the repetitiveness is. i put the only 2 b-sides (from the blood flowers era) directly after the main cd for sound quality continuity as the unreleased stuff is much more harsh sounding in comparison.  --  for 2004: i had a hell of a time trying to get everything to fit. originally putting in 'strum' and tacking on 'boy' and 'please' at the end of blood flowers to be listened to as a whole but that didnt seem right either and then everything wouldnt have fit on blood flowers either.  i replaced 'taking off with the full version of 'dragon hunters' which is essentially the same song,  i have never liked 'never' and i like 'anniversary' and its lyrics.... i just want to skip ahead half way through on that one as well, leaving it off makes the cd as whole have a more consistent feel. and yet it still didnt all fit!!?!? so i looked at 'the promise' and ended up making it the first 5 minuets with a slow fade out of about 20 seconds before the main angst part changed back.... (i had to keep it no more than 5min to cram everything onto 1 disk - total track time 79:53.  it actually didnt burn at first so i chopped off some empty space (about 5 seconds of silence) at the end of 'going nowhere' and that did the trick) anyway looking back i probably should have saved the middle of the promise with a fade in/out, but its on the finished disk now. it has a slow build up, and when it does pay off has that ''wall of sound'' mix that is a bit much for me for 5 min of wailing...... but yet i definitely wanted it on here but HAD TO edit it to make everything fit.  there is enough there to get it out of my system, and all the (best of the best) 2004 songs are in their proper home.

(a special thank you to my old friend on youtube 'FENNER1976' for the B.F. demo tracks)

(i am a 99% 'cd man' in the car or at home.  i only download things unavailable on cd. when i do use my sony walkman i use WMA@192kbps.  walkman doesnt support FLAC but it has the best sound quality - player wise.  i listened to the same track in WMA and WAV and there is VERY little difference.) FLAC just doesnt have the support for me, and i am mainly playing a cd anyway so....