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songs to be happy

Started by dsanchez, June 27, 2005, 20:12:33

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Untitled Heavenhell

Caterpillar, doing the unstuck, Harold and Joe, six different ways, Just like heaven and ........
play for today, halo for the music (simplistic lyrics), Ching Chang Chong.....


Harold & Joe is one of my favourite happy songs. I also listen to Hey You when I need a bit of a pick up.  :D
The other one feeds on my hesitation
Grows inside of my trepidaton
Buries his claws in my dislocation
I whisper your name to lose control

Untitled Heavenhell

Harold and Joe was my ring to wake up.  :)
High and pictures of you for my calls.

I can't choose rings with my new phone. :(


Return, Mint Car, Doing The Unstuck (live). This songs always make me happy


Best happy Cure songs with quality (i mean happy both in music and lyrics):

Close to Me (even if the lyrics are a bit ambiguous)
The Lovecats
The Caterpillar (even if there's the 'my hopeless heart' line in it)
Friday I'm in Love
The 13th


"Friday" also depicts the other days of the week rather gloomily...  ;)

I think "Doing the unstuck" and "Just Say Yes" are good examples of rather 'happy' Cure songs.
I agree about Lovecats, Mint Car etc.

Too many happy songs actually to be that gothic gloom band some people still think it is...  :roll:
If only I'd thought of the right words...


Quote from: Ulrich on March 21, 2014, 11:38:39
"Friday" also depicts the other days of the week rather gloomily...  ;)

Yeah, but on Fridays (like today) you don't really care about the other days of the week. Anyway, it's a song that should be only listened to on Fridays...  :-D

By the way, there are other Cure songs already mentioned in this thread that are undoubtedly very happy, like 'Doing the Unstuck', 'Mint Car' or 'Halo'. I just didn't mention them because i've always found them musically a bit annoying...


Well, I can speak only for myself, but when I'm really depressed or feeling sad,
I'm not able listen to "happy" Cure songs. Anyway...here is my small list:
01 The Top (best medicine)
02 Wrong Number (feeling alive again)
Don Juan, malgré la pauvreté de la ma-
tière où il s'efforce, touche à l'Abstrait par
une conception de la femme que ni l'Orient
ni les modernes n'ont osé formuler.

TYPHONIA, XIᵉ roman de l'Ethopée



High  :smth020 This song always makes me smile instantly and the videoclip is very funny as well!