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Started by TheExplodingBoy, December 05, 2005, 06:33:05

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I was wondering which of The Cure's unreleased/rare songs people like the best (sideprojects/remixes included) anything obscure really.
Personally I love Pirate Ships.  It's not like a lot of other Cure songs but I like the mellow feel and the sounds of waves and seagulls in the background.


I guess I'm digging "Perfect Blue Sky" right now, but "Old England" & "The Three Sisters" are pretty incredible as well.
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I don't know where "Old England" & "The Three Sisters" come from.
Can you tell me more about those songs, please ?


The Lost Wishes is a limited edition EP which was released in the UK in 1992 and consisting of instrumental outtakes from the Wish sessions.  Uyea sound / cloudberry / off to sleep / and the three sisterse were the four songs.


"Desperate Jouralist" & "Forver"....
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change your mind, your always wrong...



That is my favourite unreleased song outthere.
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I think my top five favorite oddities are probably All I have to do is kill her, The Hanging Garden Studio Demo, Cold Colours, Winter, and Off to sleep.


I really wonder why Robert abandoned ALL I HAVE TO DO IS KILL HER ...
It's such a great song with so much more space for imporovisation than FOREVER ...
And it runs 20+ minutes, so...

Fatter than Bob, balder than Porl, as sober as Simon, as amusing as Jason


Janko, I think the name "All I have to do is kill her" was created by the bootlegger. Its really just a more famous version of All Mine. All Mine and Forever are two different songs. You can tell in the beat of the song and the guitar notes. Though I must say, AIHTDIKH is a great version.  :D


"Desperate Journalist" is great. Very funny to me.
"A Hand in my Mouth. A Life Spills into the Flowers."


Split Milk probably....and the first version of Cut from Play Out VHS too.


I'd have to say Spiltmilk34 hit upon my favorite.  Perfect Blue Sky.  I was so close to naming my website after it but opted to go with "A Forest" based name.  Coming in close 2nd and 3rd would be The Loudest Sound demo and then the Resurrection mix of To The Sky.


Ron, "A Perfect Blue Sky" is just a fantastically melodic song, isn't it.  I love the little guitar bit right before the vocals.  I can't decide whether the song is happy or melancholy... I mean, I'm happy when I hear it, but the tone of the song is rather wistful... I dunno.  Glad you like it too.
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all i have to do is kill her...thats my choice!! :rocker
"Thick As Shit"


"A Perfect Blue Sky"? Enlighten me, O Fellow Curefans?
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