Best "rare" song

Started by TheExplodingBoy, December 05, 2005, 06:33:05

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I've always rated Ariel.


Spilt Milk. Hopefullt it'll be easily ownloadable somehwere one day (Join the Dots 2? : D )
And every day that I let slide Is one more day I never try To break the world To make my fate And with every day that I let go It's one day less I never know If it's always Always too late...


I hope we'll get it on the remastered Bloodflowers, together with "Ching chang chong" which is a pretty interesting early version of "Spilt milk". There must be tons of rare stuff on the WMS and Bloodflowers Bonus disks.


all i have to do is kill her



Heroin Face

Heroin Face.
love the careless punk attitude of it.


I love "All I want to do is kill her" which I think is a version of"all mine".  I also like the long version of "Just one kiss" which is the flip side of "Lets go to bed" as a vinyl longplay.



but also World War, Lime Time and Cold Colors <3 Play With Me if that's rare enough =P andddd I Just Need Myself. Without You... Okay. The list is long.


don't know how rare it is but as my user name implies i really like it used to be me.  i also really like a foolish arrangement.  not sure how rare that one is either.


"it used to be me" is one of the best for me...

with hope
...nothing would ever be the same again...


See the Children 

Although that's really Easy Cure I still consider it to be The Cure.

the thread of a dream

"Ariel", "Dark Affair", are really good, and all those other unreleased Wish sessions... I have a playlist(s) on youtube if anyone wants to listen to all the demos and instrumentals I rounded up that where not released. I'm 'Lilian Beamish' on Youtube, I have three playlists! 'Unreleased The Cure', 'Robert Smith Solo Works' and 'Instrumentals'. Go check those songs out!!!
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Talking about rare song, does anyone know or have heard any rumours as to whether there will be remastered deluxe versions of Wish and WMS?
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