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Which Cure song are you listening to right now?

Started by Inshiver, February 03, 2006, 16:30:11

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I am currently listening to "Maybe Someday" on Bloodflowers.

"...Ambition in the back of a black Car"


         Never enough of The Cure !!!!!!!


Quote from: BiscuityBoyle on August 02, 2019, 04:11:49
Quote from: SueC on July 27, 2019, 01:31:32Usually if I mention The Cure in public, people's eyes sort of glaze over!  So I'm still getting used to this *not* happening here.  :cool

As in they are too old, too 80s, too weird or maybe too mainstream? I've definitely had the latter.

I do think that with some people, the exteriors are offputting - the more straightlaced people, the ones with strict upbringings etc etc.  They see Robert Smith and especially males can tend to just let their preconceived ideas get all over them and not actually just listen one human being to another.  Then again though, the sort of guys for whom another male wearing make-up is a problem will also tend to have a problem with males emotionally expressing themselves in a non-straightlaced manner.  This is really sad for the people concerned - to have been lopped like that socially and culturally in their upbringings.  I've often thought, as a female, that while males tend to disproportionately occupy power positions etc, that they tend to have more of their humanity amputated during socialisation than we do.  And I think music like this is a good antidote to finding those parts of yourself again, and reclaiming such parts. :)

The other reason people's eyes tend to glaze over is because my "home forum" (a nice little community that is very interactive and sharing) is not specifically a music forum, and it becomes like, "Oh, she's doing another music post!" :rofl  Although having said that, I've also had a lot of engagement from people when I do music posts, and people coming to the discussion to share their own favourite things, and say why it means something to them. :cool

About the latter - too mainstream - you know, I'm only a recent (about five years ago) discoverer of the serious side of The Cure, and it did sort of adversely affect me to hear Friday I'm In Love every time I was in a shopping centre.  ;) I'd completely turned off to contemporary music and radio by the late 80s (for various reasons) and was getting systematically into classical and folk, which is also a nice journey actually; and mostly just listening to rock artists, for want of a better word, that I'd already "discovered" as a teenager, between 1984 and 1987 particularly, and continuing to buy their albums unless they took U-turns I didn't appreciate.  It was getting married to a music buff with a huge collection nearly a dozen years ago that put me back in touch with that side of things, and that was really nice! :)  Because then I had it curated, with much of the "bilge" removed - he has very good taste, although I really don't like Radiohead!  :rofl

Have a decent day! :)

PS:  For anyone who's not done a lot of exploring in classical music (and like with contemporary music, you have to sort through a lot of mud to find the gold), and who loves Plainsong - do yourself a favour and listen to the first movement of Arvo Pärt's Tabula rasa sometime. I've always thought of those two tracks as fraternal twins.  If you're going to listen, this sounds best not on headphones, but with a good system where the bass really reverberates in the room, and through you - and up loud! :) not do this on tinny speakers... spoils everything...

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"The Big Hand". Probably on the top three of my favorite Cure songs...

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This one is fabulous, @dsanchez... First heard it last week, as part of the B-sides set we got recently.  The intro just makes all my hair stand up on end... all that echoey watercolour going on... amazing.

I'm still listening to various B-sides!  ;)
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Au lieu de chercher Dieu dans les œuvres, nous
nous cherchons nous-mêmes. Notre paresse est
telle que nous préférons de basses impressions
aisées, qui nous diminuent, aux grandioses qui
exigent de l'effort.

Comment on devient artiste, esthétique. p. 235