Which Cure song are you listening to right now?

Started by Inshiver, February 03, 2006, 16:30:11

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I've recently found this YouTube account that has HEAPS of good quality audio of The Cure concerts (sounds best via headphones for me, and has been my walking music all week). Today I've been listening to the 3rd Disintegration show in Sydney 2019 :)
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Chaque fois que vous voyez une médisante,
une calomnieuse, dites-vous « elle n'est pas aimée ».
(A cɶur perdu, p. 36.)


I'm finding it impossible to listen to this too much (that point, if it exists, is entirely theoretical):

...and am recommending and sharing it far and wide to anyone who only has casual radio acquaintance with this band.  OMG what I missed out on when that was me.
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Quote from: MeltingMan on February 09, 2021, 20:34:064:35 😲😄

Indeed.  Put a thought bubble above Mr Gallup's head and fill it in for fun.  Extra points for outrageousness.  :lol:

"Gawd I hate this drumming, I can't stand it anymore!"

"This is such a shit bass, I need a new one!" 

"Why did I join this fvcking band? Could've had a PhD by now!"

"To think I turned down a spot to learn drystone walling to play with these clowns - and could have left a worthy monument to my existence for hundreds and hundreds of years after my demise..."

"I hate these long bloody encores.  Could've been at t'pub half an hour ago!"

...etc etc...your turn!

@MeltingMan, on one of the recent concert recordings - I'm fairly sure it's the Hyde Park one - Roger O'Donnell chucks his tambourine on the floor at the end of a song.  We've always "thought bubbled" that one with, "I didn't join The Cure to play the effing tambourine!"

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