Best of: Wild mood swings

Started by cult_hero, February 09, 2006, 17:15:05

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your favourite track

28 (25.9%)
club america
1 (0.9%)
this is a lie
10 (9.3%)
the 13th
4 (3.7%)
strange attraction
7 (6.5%)
mint car
6 (5.6%)
jupiter crash
21 (19.4%)
round and round and round
1 (0.9%)
3 (2.8%)
0 (0%)
2 (1.9%)
7 (6.5%)
6 (5.6%)
12 (11.1%)

Total Members Voted: 105


i know: many fans hate this album. i don't!  :-) but i have to admit: the first time i heard it i was shocked!  :shock: but i gave 'wms' more chances...  :D

there is one thing in particular i really like: it's the use of real strings and a piano.

"want" is a great opening track (especially live). "club america" rocks (they should have played it last year). "the 13th" and "round and round and round" are very funny. "strange attraction" is strange indeed but i like the lyrics. "jupiter crash" is beautiful. "mint car" is the better "friday i'm in love". "return" rocked live! "numb" is okay but i don't really like the lyrics. and "bare" is another beautiful song.

my favourite track is "jupiter crash" followed by "want". the weakest track is "trap".


For me too my favorite song for this album is Jupiter crash !!


"Jupiter Crash," easy. Really pretty song.
"A Hand in my Mouth. A Life Spills into the Flowers."

Tristan Berlin


#Cheers - Patrick#


want is tops on my list.  i'm always wanting more, more songs that sound like want and jupiter crash.  less songs that sound like club america, round and round and round, the 13th, and gone.  i gave this album another listen the other day.  it was painfully difficult to not skip over some of the tracks.  



100 Years


jupiter crash

sweet and melancholic
and the parallelism between the love date and the astronomic event kills me
close second: this is a lie
whereas i can remember i loved want at first, but i slowly grew tired of it.

about this album in general...
"it kinda wasn't quite what i'd hoped for you know..."


"... sleeping less every night"


Bare for the fact that sometimes it makes me cry  :cry:  but I like Want, Club america, This is a lie, Jupiter crash and of course some of the most beautiful B-sides as Adona?s.
It's not a bad album, just to be heard on a sunny day to have more fun  :-D
I skip only Round and round ...



but the best WMS track for me is 'it used to be me'. it definitely should have been on the album instead of something like 'trap' ending up in there. :roll:
also 'adonais' beats many album tracks.
Ay, in the very temple of Delight
Veil'd Melancholy has her sovran shrine


jupiter crash, followed by Want....but the best things of this era are b-sides. especially Home.


it used to be me is the best track from this period.



I voted for the 13th, sometimes you need to feel like this.  I really love Jupiter Crash though.


however hard i want,i know deep down inside,i'll never really,more hope or any more time,any more time,any more time,any more time