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Started by nausearockpig, February 12, 2006, 13:29:44

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Does anyone have any good [correct] guitar and KB tabs for M?


I used to know how to play on Keyboard after I heard the bournemouth 83 version, but I forgot it. I try to figure out again :)



Cool.. it seems that it's very difficult to find correct tabs for The Cure songs on the net.. most of the tabs i find seem to be put together by people like me who don't really have a clue....


I frequently think about the matter of tabs...

I almost never need tab for any cure song. If you listen good and have well tuned guitar - you can play every cure song there is...

Allthough - there are some problems:

Problem 1 : PORL'S SOLO'S are magnificant but so hard to figure out!!!
Problem 2 : EFFECTS there are layers upon layers of them so its really hard to figure what to use and when...
Problem 3 : KEYBOARDS are SO IMPORTANT without them solelly guitar never sounds so good
Problem 4 : Usually there are 3 to 4 guitars on album's recording (plus bass plus 6string bass) so it really NEVER sounds AS good when you play it in your band


So, allthough there are problems - neither covers the issues of first four or five albums...
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i think M starts with Em and C for the verses, then the other bit ("you fall in love with somebody else tonight") goes C, B, Em, G. theres also a sort of bridge section which is Am, Gm, F#m, which resolves to B and then back to the verse chords. the guitar uses just a bit of chorus and hardly any distortion. similar sound in 'play for today'.

regarding effects, for most of the songs, i think the guitars mostly use distortion, chorus, flanger and delay. that also really helps when you dont have a keyboard player.

hope this helps!!!!!!! :D  :smt035


that last post was me, must remember to log in! :roll:



i'm all over the verses, just need the other bits.

will test tonight when i get home.

thanks for your help.