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Your first time with The Cure

Started by dsanchez, March 23, 2006, 20:50:06

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When and how did you find The Cure?

My first time was around 1992. At this time I was most involved in bands like Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode but I've got this "Wish" tape. I must say they didn't call much my attention. Why? Because I was more interested in the electronic stuff. It wasn't until I got the Picture Show and Play Out video when my view about the band changed. I started to like The Cure more and more every day. I remember the days when I came back from school, sit on the living and watched the best Cure ever version from "Pictures of You", the one from the Play Out Video. I was just 15 years old.

What's your story?
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MTV, 'close to me' video.  i enjoyed them playing combs and the whole chlostaphobia idea of the video.  i really didn't get into them until a few years later.  radio in my town sucked and i relied on mtvand word of mouth to hear about good music.


It was about a year ago that I really discovered The Cure. One of my gal pals had been trying to turn me onto them for about three years, and I finally saw the "Pictures of You" video on VH1 Classic, and realized that she's really onto something. Within months, I owned all four Deluxe Editions, Trilogy, and The Cure. Can't believe it took that long for me to get into them
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I discovered them a couple of years ago on this "22 greatest bands" show. It played some clips of the songs, and i really liked it. I found a magazine with an interview with Robert in, and found out some more about the band. Then i saw the video for Lullaby, Friday im in love and a live version of Just like heaven and became addicted! I began collecting all of their music, I will never forget hearing Disintegartion for the first time, and i've loved them ever since!
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Long time ago. Around 1980.( 1015 played in a discotheque... First concert: Munich, Schwabinger Br?u July, 1981....As I said.. long time ago...


Quote from: Strunz4First concert: Munich, Schwabinger Br?u July, 1981....As I said.. long time ago...

oh you make some of us green with envy (or even :smt010 )

i saw the video for 'lullaby' on an afternoon chart show on one beautiful bright april day back in 1989.

Quote from: egon_beeblebroxCan't believe it took that long for me to get into them

but better a bit late than not at all, or?  :wink:
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I often saw them on MTV in 1992 and my interest wasn't that big because I was only 11. But I didn't forget it and 4 years later I rembered them and bought my first CD (Concert - The Cure live). It was 1996. After that one CD followed the other and my love for the cure was growing and growing.
Than I saw them live on TV in 1998 and I was a little bit dissapointet because they sounded not so good as I was used to. But than I bought the SHOW-Video and I was in love again. From that moment I became a real fan.  :D


I bought Disintegration in the summer of 1989 without having heard a note of it after I read a couple of reviews and decided I liked the cover. If I'd ever heard a Cure song on the radio before then it hadn't registered with me, but after that...
...and I still remember listening to the tape of Disintegration for the first time and thinking WOW! It is still my favorite album.
I never got to see them live until 2004 though; long time to wait but so worth it I wouldn't change it at all.


I bought Disintegration on a whim a while back and listened to it while driving to see my friend at his school (I remembered the Cure from the "Friday I'm in Love" video, I was 10).  From the 1st note I was astonished.  In fact, I don't even remember driving during the suite of Prayers for Rain-Same Deep Water-Disintegration.  I fell in love that evening, immediately bought Pornography and Trilogy.  That was the BEST weekend I had in some time.  Since then I've amassed an impressive collection of goodies (needless to say I own EVERYTHING they've put out).
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My father use to be a record collector, he received a bunch of record vinyls from spain, "plus or moin" 15 lps. well, it was on christmas 1983 and i remember very well he open the carton box with this faith vinyl album included and played it on the stereo!! the first track randomly chosen was the drowning man, i felt scared and had nightmares with that sound!, he didnt liked it, so he gave it to me! i was 9 years old then.

I didnt like the cure till 1985 when local radios airplayed close to me! our radios use to be british oriented then!! so we had reaaaally good music!
later i learnt the lovecats was a local hit in 1983 by reading an old local mag!



Beginning of 80's
My father was in UK and he liked the title of the LP: Boys Don't Cry
He bought this LP for me and since this moment I'm a huge fan of TC.
Take Cure,

remember hearing a forest on John Peel RIP and thought wow , I had heard 10.15 nd arab but hadnt really registered as such but A Forest was
something different been a fan ever since .  When I first started working one of my older colleagues actually went to scholl with robert but didnt
really hang around with him so no early gossip Im afraid.
First time I saw them was the final wembley show 24 july 89 on the
Prayer tour what a night didnt have a ticket only went as the box office was still selling tickets on the night . That would nt happen now .
Still rates as a top concert in my mind .All 4 wish shows at olympia another highlight never knowing what was around the corner.


        I first heard The Cure back in 1979 when they released Boys Don't Cry. I was 10 years old. As I got older. I got more into them. Saw them live in Wellington , New Zealand in 84 and over in the uk in 1992. Wish they would come back to New Zealand. I would love to see them live again,


just a few months ago  :) i heard a few of the popular songs and so went and listened more, i enjoyed so i bought disintegration on cd, it became one of my favourite albums but then sort of stopped. recently though (2 weeks ago maybe) i started getting in the mood for them again and boyught boys dont cry on vinyl. which has proved to be worth every penny and now im in the middle of a "cure binge2 where they are pretty much all i listen to, i want the rest of the albums now (see buying/selling section) but also the gloves album is high on my want list.


I first got into The Cure in 1982 after hearing their session on the John Peel show, didnt get to see them until 1987 at Birmingham NEC though, but it was well worth the wait ;)
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