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Your first time with The Cure

Started by dsanchez, March 23, 2006, 20:50:06

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Quote from: Untitled Heavenhell on November 06, 2013, 22:09:38

If you found the cure with Bloodflowers, you had many songs and albums then discover.
It's nice to always have something new to discover, and when we talk about cure we talk about specific moments;-)
The Cure through time

after i bought Bloodflowers, i bought standing on a beach singles CD and Wild Mood swings :)
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Quote from: Hayley85 on November 07, 2013, 03:44:49
after i bought Bloodflowers, i bought standing on a beach singles CD and Wild Mood swings :)

That's great, so you still had Wish, Disintegration, Kiss Me... and Head on the Door to discover! Not to forget the early albums 17 Seconds and onwards! Wow.
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had a lot of catching up to do haha  :P
pretty much got all of the albums now :)
Now We're Laughing - Roger O'Donnell

Untitled Heavenhell


1985, 11 years old, Spain, "In Between Days", through the radio


listening to Pornography somewhere; i was learning !! then japanese whispers knowing all the old albums remembering pornography i was almost a 13 years old boy; and definite love came with the top !! Ciao !!!


I was fifteen or sixteen years old and my very first single I bought was a release from Amiga (East German record label), seven inch, Close To Me with four different B-Sides (including New Day). Robert, Simon, Porl, Boris, Roger and Lol could be seen on the cover. I found that somewhat unusual. But I knew next to nothing about the past. That should change soon. I played this record up and down (among others). That was the first step. At that time I had not yet attended concerts or festivals. After the fall of the Berlin Wall I bought Staring At The Sea as an LP and a little later as an MC. The MC was even more awesome because all the early B-sides were on it. But I wasn't really a fan yet. Even Disintegration had little impact on me. However, when I heard This Twilight Garden on the radio, it was all about me. And a Faith bootleg eventually changed everything. I had never heard anything like this before. That was about 1992. And then I was twenty years old.
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BTW, as I am remodelling my appartment and had to stack away all of my precious personal bellongings in cardboxes, and - logically I had to go through all the forgotten drawers and shelves (it was a nightmare!!!) I found a whole collection of Cure's cassette's covers... no actual cassettes were found though... that is very weird, plus there would be a nice thing just to keep for old time's sake but pooof!!! they were magically gone... :/ 
Just wanted to share this here because it really sucks :(((


In 1989, MTV was playing highlights of different bands doing a live performance (5 second clips). One of them was a long haired pale-faced guy singing "Show me show me show me how you do that trick". I was intrigued.

Later that year, I saw the video for Fascination Street and was hooked. A friend of mine had Disintegration on cassette. I borrowed it and only got into half of the songs at first. Over time, the others grew on me and it is still my favorite album of all time (not just Cure, but of all albums ever released).
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Quote from: MintQR on September 15, 2014, 16:38:59found a whole collection of Cure's cassette's covers... no actual cassettes were found though

how's that possible? the tapes were gone by magic?! now that you mention tapes, I need to get a good vintage tape deck cause I have about 100 tapes from my teenage years that I would like to listen again (including the 'Standing On A Beach' that has the B sides and 'The Top' Brazilian edition!)
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The  first time I saw them was  on the french TV "Chorus" en 1979  .They played A Forest  Three Imaginary Boy and Killing an arab .... ..and my first concert was Pornography Tour 2/06/1982 à  Toulouse ..and  ..The beginning of a passionate love affair for over fourty years now.........My last concert RAH 29/03/2014 ..


Back in 2006 I randomly saw 'The End of the World' music video and loved it


My first time was in a movie called "Gypsy 83" Just Like Heaven was playing in the background when the scene was taking place in a graveyard. It was the most beautiful thing I ever heard! <3 Then there was "Doing the Unstuck" in another scene when the 2 main characters were just frolicking in a park & dancing & having fun, but then some stupid guys came & trashed their ride. Love you Cure!!


I first loved The Thompson Twins and my mum told me about her 200+ cassette collection in our garage which contained 1 Thompson twins cassette which was their album "Here's To Future Days".

It was a 30 something degree (Celsius) day and my garage gets extremely hot so instead of digging through all of the cassettes to find one, I took all of the boxes full of cassettes to my room to look through them.

As I was looking through I saw heaps of bands that I had heard of and never actually listened to, some of the cassettes were a few of The Cure albums.  (My mum would buy records and CDs of the cure albums and then record them to cassettes).

I decided to play the "Standing On A Beach" singles album and instantly loved The Cure. I had also heard a few songs of the cure, such as Lovecats, on the radio because my family used to travel long distances by car and all I would hear were 80s hits.

I never actually found the Thompson twins cassette but I did find many of The Cure's albums on cassette, which is a better blessing! XD. I have a hundred or so of the cassettes in my bedroom in cassette drawers, I owe my mum!
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- first time ever knowing it was The Cure: opening "Les Enfants du Rock" (as I'm French and more than 40) in 1987 with instrumental version of 'Just Like Heaven'
- first dance song making me wonder why I didn't notice it before: 'The Lovecats' in 1990 (in a pub in Ireland)
- first album: 'Mixed Up' the day of its release (and the rest soon after)
- first concert of the Cure: 1992 Halle Tony Garnier Lyon (France). funny thing is that I will see them in 2016 at the same location
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