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Your first time with The Cure

Started by dsanchez, March 23, 2006, 20:50:06

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My first time with Cure was in the 80's when i was a child to school.
The best song at this moment was"In between days"
i'm running out of time i'm out of step and
closing down and never sleep for wanting hours
the empty hours of greed and uselessly always
the need to feel again the real belief of
something more than mockery if only i could
fill my heart with love


1986 ish, went on this road trip , listened to head on the door, the first notes in the kyoto really grabbed me, i liked the album except for screw (still a tough one for me) and got a lot of great memories from that album, to this day probably my favourite ( though disentegration is flawless ) i have a special fondness for the non single tracks like push, six differant ways, and sinking   it was a great trip , i @#$%^  this hessian chick while listening to the album a second time (unfortunately it was my first time "doing it" and i didn't make it past the second chorus of inbetweendays  :shock:, nowadays i can make till the end of the song :lol: )
face like stone
eyes of ice
mouth so sweetly
telling lies


Before I was a big fan, I had heard a few bands cover songs by them, one that comes to mind is AFI's Hanging Garden. Then I read that one of my favorite bands, Deftones, listed The Cure as a major influence so I decided to give them a listen. Great Decision, I listened to Pornography and liked probably half of it originally but the high points were really good. I've listened through most of their discography now and it is safe to say they are my favorite band.
Favorite 5 albums: Pornography, Disintinegration, 17 Seconds, Kiss Me (3x), and Faith


Hello to all of Cure fans around here.

My first time with the cure as a fan was when I borrowed all the tapes a friend of mine had in order to find the Lovecats! I didn't expect to fall in love with Seventeen Seconds (and later Faith) while I didn't have Japanes Whisper in hand so I bought the first album that came out after this experience. It was around 1991 and Mixed Up became my first CD of The Cure.
After this I felt it was possible for me to get the rest of it (and I did it). I now own nearly all the LPs, some 45 RPMs and all the CDs (and remasters as well).
The only concert I have seen was in October 1992 in Lyon, France. It was one of the best live experience I have ever had (the best one was Frank Black in 2001).
I must admit that for more than 20 years they are my favourite band and even though the new material is not as good as I can expect they keep the rank.
"it's just the way I smile,"
you said...


Hi All, since I am new here, I think it's good to start with my first time.
For me it was around 1989, at the end of primary school. The girl that was sitting behind me used to listed to the cure and since I was madly in love with her (no laughs please!), I decided to start listening to the cure too to ahem ... you know, catch her attention or so....
My first album was concert, the cure live. Desintegration followed and it just carried on from there .....


1986, push and a strange day were on a various tape (remebert them?!), along with other music of the time - stiff little fingers, the cramps, peter and the test tube babies, ah happy days!


Hi I'm new here :)

I started became a fan when I was 17. I was staying at my college's hostel at that time and I was bored to death then I remembered a South Park episode with Robert Smith innit (I'm pretty sure most of you guys have watched that episode!) and then I decided to youtube him and then I found Disintegration. The moment I listen to the song I think I just experienced "love at first listen". And then I listened to other songs like Lovesong, Fire In Cairo, Pictures of You and I love them all. Since then I've became a fan of them and I'm just so happy to find The Cure. Well I guess I can thank South Park for that :D
You're just an object in my eyes.


Watching a "Close to Me" video I think I was 12


mmm i started The cure "dream trip" (:)) when i was 16...
i was watching  a musical program on tv about 80's when i saw  the "Lovesong" video!!
damn!!it was love at first time!!*.*
a few days after my friend told me that they would come to italy in may  with The Dream Tour...
i didn't know much  their song yet but i'll never forget that concert!*.*
just after that i became a big big fan of bob and friends!!!


On the NME channel when I went through a stage of blindly loving The Smiths (still love em) and it was The Cure Vs. The Smith and I was giving it all 'come on NME! The Smiths are superior' then the 'Close To Me' vid came on and I thought wait a minute.... Looked up a few of their songs then proceeded to download their entire back catalogue. This was a while back. Then I finally saw them live at Reading last week! Wow :D
"You'll lose the need for certainty
And make-believe eternity
To find the true reality
In beautiful infinity..."


A few years ago my best friend introduced me to the "Friday I'm in Love" video... later I've discovered Just Like Heaven, Pictures Of You and all their discography *-*. I love them because their songs (in particular Disintegration and Faith)  have helped me a lot in an awful period of my life  :) I don't know, it's like I always known them...
There's nothing left but hope...

"Studiare, capire e lavorare sodo per cambiare il mondo"


Well kinda of a long story but the first song that i lisent from The Cure was Just like heaven when i was little and then in middle school i lisen to all thier albums but then highschool came and i started lisening to some metal punk and ska.... yeah i know never like THE CURE!!!! then i went in to this emotional brake down where this chick that i really like well rejected me and i still and always remmeber her cuz i dedicated her the song Just Like Heaven!!!! but anyways yeah i started to lisen to the again and i will never never ever stop lisening to him i still regret that time where i stop lisening to them.... but life goes on!!! and Long live The Cure!!!! cant wait for winter cuz my first tattoo will be Robert Smith!!!! XD I LOVE YOU THE CURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


I think I first heard The Cure when I saw the video for The Caterpillar on television.  At the time I thought it was strange, and I think I was too young to appreciate it (I was probably 9 years old).  A few years later I heard Boys Don't Cry at a school dance--the guys in the A/V club would play a lot of popular top 40 tracks for most of the night and then right at the end of the dance they'd play one or two songs that they liked or that some desperate artsy kid had requested.  That's when they played "Boys Don't Cry"--right at the end of the dance.  That's where it started for me.  It was like, "Oh my God, there's a song that fits ME."  After that I got Standing on a Beach, The Head on the Door, Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me (which I believe was brand new if I've got the timing right), and all the rest as soon as I could scrape together the money. 


Watched the video clip for Lovecats on Channel V back in late 1999, loved the song and the clip.
And thats when i became a Cure fan :)
My 1st Cure Album was Bloodflowers :)
Now We're Laughing - Roger O'Donnell

Untitled Heavenhell

If you found the cure with Bloodflowers, you had many songs and albums then discover.
It's nice to always have something new to discover, and when we talk about cure we talk about specific moments;-)
The Cure through time