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Started by dsanchez, March 25, 2006, 14:55:40

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which is your favourite song in this album?

One Hundred Years
17 (18.9%)
A Short Term Effect
4 (4.4%)
The Hanging Garden
5 (5.6%)
Siamese Twins
11 (12.2%)
The Figurehead
15 (16.7%)
A Strange Day
14 (15.6%)
14 (15.6%)
10 (11.1%)

Total Members Voted: 88


I noticed that I never answered this topic ... I guess it is because I can hardly choose ...
all the songs are great for some reason.

I vote for 100 Years, the song brings me to a moment to forget everything, it's great and powerful :rocker
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Pornography is my favorite song on the album, its hard to describe it. I love the distorted sound loops in the background, I love when the drums first come in, and Robert Smith's voice is perfect for the song. Top it off with Smith drowning someone in the shower and looking for a cure, Pornography easily for me.


It seems that I had voted for "One Hundred Years," but my favorite now is "Cold"


Quote from: Trust... on October 27, 2010, 13:27:20
I vote for 100 Years, the song brings me to a moment to forget everything, it's great and powerful :rocker

IDEM ..... 100 years


First post here at this site, I was buried 27 years ago but finally clawed my way out and this song is favorite song for me of all time from the Cure for two major reasons really.

I really don't know which one came first but first reason is I played the record album in the basement one day and turned it up loud and I fell in love with it and before I got done Dad came down the stairs and said, " What the hell are you listening to!?!? " Of course I smiled and said The Cure. He was horrified and it didn't matter to me.

Second supporting reason and better is I read a magazine once that supposedly was an interview with Robert S. and I loved why he made the whole album.

I believe he said something like people said this album was too dark and maybe shouldn't have been made but really it was what he felt at the time and he called it pornography because people looked on this music as negatively as pornography and it should be hidden. Please forgive me if I can't remember it 100% and forgive me of any error as I began listening back in 1984.

Thanks to Robert Smith for creating the song Pornography that is much like a tree and all of his other songs stemmed from this tree year after year ripen and fall to the ground for us to pickup and enjoy.


Short term effect is my fave!  :smth020 But the whole album is incredible infact it is my fave album I hope the cure once done with the reflections tour  theydo a similer one involving pornography... that would be a dreaaam! I would fly anywhere to see that  :-D
Flowers in your mouth and the same dry song
The routine from laughter land


I chose Siamese Twins but *AAAAAAgggghhhhh* Pornography, The Hanging Garden and The Short Term Effect and 100 Years and.....
Misjudged your limits
Pushed you too far
Took you for granted
I thought that you needed me more
'Boys Don't Cry' is my favourite Cure song but it doesn't mean I'm not a hardcore fan. Disintegration is my favourite LP! The Cure are my favourite band!


Impossible question to answer. They're all flawless. Seriously.


100 years. I love the drama of this song. A few of the songs on this album that people seem to rave about on this thread I find a bit of a let down namely Cold & the title track. A strange day is my 2nd favourite.

Birdmad Guy

Pornography is my favorite song on that album, but I think A strange Day is great and should have been the single.


Lyrically i Love All Songs Of course.....musically Hanging Garden was grower on me though the Demo i liked for the first time...amazing...i dont really like Strange Day or Siamese Twins as album versions, but i listened to siamese twins live from Rotterdam in 82...amazing atmospheric stuff guitar ( i love Berlin Trilogy Version..
Strange Day hasnt growed on me yet...
...Still every night I burn
Every night I scream your name
Every night I burn
Every night the dream's the same...

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One Hundred Years, followed by The Hanging Garden, A Short Term Effect, Siamese Twins. Such creepy, twisted lyrics on this album!  :twisted:
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The guitar line on siamese twins is simply unforgetable

crawley Goat

yup,another Vote for Siamese twins-best Song on the Album  :smth023