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Which is Your All-Time Fav Cure song?

Started by Pushkina, July 10, 2005, 16:27:43

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Saw The Cure @ Firenze Rocks 6/17


Fascination Street

then (in order):

Same Deep Water As You
Pictures Of You
Just Like Heaven
2 Late
Friday I'm In Love
A Pink Dream
This Twilight Garden
Boys Don't Cry
In Between Days
A Letter To Elise
Never Enough
Out Of This World
Where The Birds Always Sing
The Big Hand
The way she pulls me in sucks my breath away



In concert: From The Edge of The Deep Green Sea
...there's nothing left to burn.


There are so so many brilliant and amazing songs, but for me there is one that is on another level...
Pictures of You 💕🙌
"Where the flesh meets the spirit world,
Where the traffic is thin..."


Almost all Cure songs are my favorite Cure songs...Over the years my favorite Cure song has changed. It once was Catch, Trust, Lovecats...then for a while it was How Beautiful You Are. Recently it's been Out of This World (oh my gosh this song is so incredible - reminds me of Nick Drake meets Pink Floyd, yet still has its own unique quality)...but I think my all time favorite is The Caterpillar.

Keep Cure questions coming! It always brightens my day to get to think about what I love about The Cure. <3 :-)  :smth020


Pictures of You - the one that introduced me to the band.

10:15 Saturday Night - I'll never forget the shock of "getting" this song after a few listens, how much there's going on there.

The Caterpillar - in my opinion, it is among the very greatest pop songs of all time 

Wailing Wall - Jerusalem as seen through a drug induced haze can inspire the most beautiful music apparently

Give Me It - Robert's Captain Beefheart takeoff is shockingly good

If Only Tonight We Could Sleep - another gorgeous piece of oriental(ist) psychedelia, completely unlike anything anyone was doing at the time

Speak My Language - my most recent discovery (i.e. a song I was dimply aware of but never realized how good it was)