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Which is Your All-Time Fav Cure song?

Started by Pushkina, July 10, 2005, 16:27:43

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The Lovecats, that song is waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy too damn infectious. Good memories with that one, fun bass line, catchy chorus = yes


Push (head on the door) & A Strange Day (Pornography) -on B Sides  think (the Exploding Boy) ...I may have that title wrong I'll need to double check.


It 's really hard to choose one song.
In my personal ranking the first place is for "A Forest". This song can give me so much energy every time.
It 's simply wonderful! Soon after they are "Lullaby", "A Strange Day"
and "Burn" ...(from the soundtrack of the movie "The Crow")


Quote from: Iris_85 on May 20, 2012, 00:28:38
It 's really hard to choose one song.

oh yes i think the same...
has always been  difficult for me choose one only!!


Kyoto song. Obviously it's a tough choice. Other big favs are 10.15, 100  yrs.,Charlotte,Push, Sinking,Same deep water as you, From the edge of the deep green sea and The loudest sound.



"A Letter To Elise" it's such a beautiful song, from the whole melody, to lyrics and performance. I adore that song! And I would pick "The Lovecats" you just can't escape its grooviness.  :smth023 :smth020



- Strange Day
- It's Not You
- Disintegration


It's simply impossible to choose only one song D: these are my fav at the moment...

1-Pictures Of You
3-Friday I'm In Love
6-Charlotte Sometimes
8-A Night Like This
9-Three Imaginary Boys
10-Jupiter Crash
12-Just One Kiss
13-Other Voices
14-The Caterpillar
16-10:15 Saturday Night
18-Close To Me
19-Underneath The Stars
20-Doing The Unstuck

But I can go on for hours!  :P
There's nothing left but hope...

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I AM in love with the song A letter to Elise and Just like heaven!!! those two are my fave but i love all thier songs!!! :.D



"Disintegration." Such a soul-crushingly beautiful song. It takes all that's great about The Cure's entire discography (extended intros, frantic lyricism, and stunning climaxes) and rolls them all into one perfect song.


Steve Carson

I really find this a hard question as I have many songs I love and relate to that remind me
of times growing up. If I have to chose one then Charlotte Sometimes Live is an absolute winner for me.. :smth023


Quote from: revolt on May 21, 2008, 12:14:41
A Forest.

Their most magical song!

Yeah, 'A Forest' remains still my favourite after all these years. But if I had to add 3 more songs to my top ever Cure list, they would probably be:

2. One Hundred Years
3. The Same Deep Water as You
4. This Twilight Garden