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1987 Belgium Boot

Started by nausearockpig, August 02, 2006, 08:32:40

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hi there,

i'm hoping someone can help me with a small dilema i have with what i think is a boot called 1987 Belgium or Belgium 87 or something like that.

does anyone know what date [or dates] this boot is from?



I made a quick search in the old post, you already asked this in may ...  :D  :-D

I think that the Boot said to be from Belgium in 1987 is actually Frankfurt 1987-10-29 or Bremen 1987-10-29. The shows in Brussels that year are november 1st and 2nd.

Hope this helps  :wink:


hmmmm.. i may have to check those dates out.
and maybe that old post too...

thanks for your help.



the discussion comes out again and again ...

I think, and many others too, that Belgium 87 (The Kissing Tour) is Bremen 1987.

I don`t want give my life for this but ... Noone knows something better ...


It?s Bremen 30.10.1987 ! I think ...



thanks for the tip.

i compared the Bremmen songs to the boot and they're the same..
and then compared the two Belguim shows [just in case] and they all differed..

thanks for helping clear that up..