Cure songs that you don't like

Started by Filipe, August 23, 2005, 01:02:56

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There cover of Foxy Lady, Gone, Mint Car, Lullaby, n Killing An Arab.

I still like those songs ( I don't hate any Cure songs) but these are just okay to me, n I like em the least.


"Coming Up" (bonus track on some of the "Bloodflowers" versions) is one I never really warmed to.
It's never enough...


The 13 th is the one i dislike more probably. Sure there may be a few others, but that one... Well, i can't listen to it and finish it


Let's go to bed

In between days, the album version doesn't seem to grow on me but the other day I found this version with Jonathan Davis and I love this one



My top five...or should I say, ,my bottom five of Cure songs ever would be:

1. Freakshow (worst Cure song ever)
2. Wrong Number
3. Round & Round & Round
4. The Perfect Girl
5. Gone!

I still can't understand why "Wrong Number" is played live always and why "Freakshow" was ever played live at all :roll:
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Quote from: in bed amongst the stones on September 16, 2013, 03:30:24
Pick 5 random songs from Wild Mood Swings, don't really care which ones.

haha don't be mean. "Want" is wonderful and a great opening song and "Mint Car" is a nice pop-song.
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There's one that evokes a strong negative reaction for me:
The Only One

...I find the lyrics and the way it's sung quite distasteful, and lacking depth or truth.

* I suspect/hope though that they're not actually that shallow, and maybe it's an 'upside down' way of conveying meaning, like Bowie has done
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I would say, hmmmmmm

Foxy Lady (Cover)

Killing An Arab


Wendy Time


Quote from: helloimageifonly on March 13, 2018, 04:32:34
Let's go to bed

In between days, the album version doesn't seem to grow on me but the other day I found this version with Jonathan Davis and I love this one


Ok it is a few months later since I have stated that I dislike 'In between days' but I have come to like it now and every time I hear it I think about this comment that I once wrote here not liking this song..
So I am taking it back. I like 'In between days'!

Some time ago I have read an analysis of 'Let's go to bed' on this site and I am listening to this song in a different way since then..and it now is growing on me too.

No changes yet as far as 'Screw' is concerned though.


Sleep When I'm Dead always sounded too "theatrical" for my tastes. "It's Over" just sounds like a missed opportunity. But I can't think of anything by The Cure that I would skip over besides those two songs. (I don't like the way 4:13 Dream *sounds* but that has more to do with the awful mastering and mixing.)
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That it's never too late
To get up and go


The 13th.

I abhor it. I couldn't believe my ears.

One thing is Kyoto Song, If Only Tonight We Could Sleep, The Lovecats, The Blood, or Wailing Wall.
The 13th was on another, less important league.

That song alone de-Cured me for a good ten years!!

Strange Attraction is not very far, either.

I'll never understand Wild Mood Swings.
Some stuff in it is quite good, others are just okay, while other stuff in it is utter dross.


Gotta say, The 13th doesn't do anything for me either - makes me feel like I'm being chased down by a horde of animated Hawaiian shirts.  I'm sure though that people from some cultural backgrounds will find this really appealing - and it's not a bad thing to cater for different tastes like this.  You'll always be annoying somebody by doing so, but this could be a bonus.  :evil:
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