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The Cure studio albums ranking!!

Started by arielcc, August 24, 2005, 15:49:46

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I'd love to start this new threat!!
lets make a ranking of all the cure albums, from the best to the worse!!
here goes mine, including only studio albums!

1.- Pornography   10/10
2.- Disintegration  9.9/10
3.- Seventeen Seconds 9/10
4.- Faith 8.7/10
5.- Wish 8.5/10
6.- The Top 8.1/10
7.- Bloodflowers 8/10
8.- The Head on the door 7.5/10
9.- Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me 7/10
10.- Three Imaginary Boys 6/10
11.- Wild Mood Swings 5/10
12.- The Cure (this has to be listed, but i would put it down even after all the singles, compilations, live albums, reeditions, remasters, promos, boxes,  etc etc) 1/10


Tristan Berlin

01_Disintegration 10/10
02_Wish 10/10
03_Faith 10/10
04_The Top 09/10
05_Pornography 09/10
06_The Head On The Door 08/10
07_Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me 08/10
08_Seventeen Seconds 07/10
09_Three Imaginary Boys 07/10
10_The Cure 06/10
11_Bloodflowers 06/10
12_Wild Mood Swings 03/10

Also SHOW 10/10 and PARIS 10/10 :wink:


Three Imaginary Boys 8/10
Seventeen Seconds 7/10
Faith 9/10
Pornography 9,5/10
The Top 9/10
The head on the door 7/10
Kiss Me (*3) 8/10
Disintegration 9/10
Wish 9,5/10
Wild Wood Swing 7/10
Bloodflowers 8/10
The Cure 8,5/10


I can't rate them in order. I think they are all excellent in their own way. I believe "The Cure" is the worst, but I still wouldn't rate it that low. "Wild Mood Swings" is the second worst in my opinion, but I actually really like it, especially the live versions of the songs.

It's all close to 10/10 for me... :smt119


Just noticed... How come no one is including Japanese Whispers in this list? Call me weird, but I love this one! :smt033


Japanese Whispers is not a proper studio album but a singles compilation!
the regular release in november 1983 was called JAPANESE WHISPERS THE SINGLES 1982 1983

so its the FIRST cure compilation


Here is THE LIST of album rankings:

1. Pornography (10/10) - THE classic Cure album
1*. Disintegration (10/10)
2. Wish (9.5/10)
3. KMKMKM (9.5/10)
4. Faith (9/10)
5. The Head on the Door (9/10)
6. The Cure (9/10) - including the "missing" tracks (Going Nowhere, Why Can't I Be Me?,etc)
7. Bloodflowers (9/10)
8. Seventeen Seconds (8.5/10)
9. Three Imaginary Boys (8.3/10)
10. Wild Mood Swings (8/10)
11. The Top (7.7/10)
12. Japanese Whispers (7.5/10)

         **OTHER ALBUMS**
Show (7/10) - TOO much reverb
Paris (8.5/10)
Concert (6/10) - Phil Thornalley, eh!
Galore (8/10)
Standing on a Beach (9/10)
Greatest Hits (5/10)
Join the Dots (10/10)
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Quote from: arielccJapanese Whispers is not a proper studio album but a singles compilation!
the regular release in november 1983 was called JAPANESE WHISPERS THE SINGLES 1982 1983

so its the FIRST cure compilation

I believe Boy's don't cry was the first Cure compilation

Luke x :P
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Hey nice threat!

My ranking:

1. Pornography (100/100) -
2. Faith (100/100)
3. Kiss Me , Kiss Me, Kiss Me (100/100)
4. Disintegration (98/100)
5. The Head on The Door(98/100)
6 - Seventeen Seconds (98/100)
7 - Japanese Whispers (97/100 - I like to feel it as a really Cure Studio album, sorry  :roll: )
8. The Top (97/100)
9. Wish (96/100)
10. The Cure (96/100)
11. Bloodflowers (95/100)
12. Three Imaginary Boys (94/100)
13. Wild Mood Swings (90/100)


Boys dont cry was the alternate first album for the american market!! then three imaginary boys wasnt released in usa



For my list, I'm going to rank them on album period which would include all the b-sides.  The first 5 were easy to do but the bottom 7 weren't.  I like them all but I had to judge them based on what they do for me in way of feelings/emotions.

1-Wish (as a whole project-nothing compares)
2-Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (my all time fav album)
3-The Head On The Door (amazing everytime I put it in)
4-Disintegration (real emotion but lacks the fun I seek)
5-Wild Mood Swings (odd yet interesting-complete with b-sides it's great)
6-Seventeen Seconds (if this was recorded live, it would be the best)
7-Bloodflowers (has some great highs on it)
8-The Cure (complete, this one keeps me going)
9-Three Imaginary Boys (can not be discounted-has some classic moments)
10-The Top (just doesn't have enough power to grab me)
11-Pornography (a great album but just not my style)
12-Faith (sorry-but this never took off with me)


In my opinion, the first 9 are indispensible, although the rest have their merits. Something for every occasion.

1. Disintegration
2. Bloodflowers
3. Faith
4. Wish
5. 17 seconds
6. Pornography
7. Head on the Door
8. Kiss Me
9. Wild Mood Swings
10. The Cure
11. 3 Imaginary Boys
12. The Top
13. Japanese Whispers

my 2 cents


These Days...

THE TOP  (Becouse of these new developments I'm totally drawn to most intimate expiriences of this album. This album really encapsulates Bob's creativity at the moment between cult oddity and pop stardom)  10\10

KISS ME...  9\10
WISH  8\10
17 SECONDS 8\10
FAITH  7\10
THE CURE  5\10  (This album has yet to be worn out...)
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1. Disintegration (10/10)!!!!! :D
2. Wish (10/10)
3. The Head On The Door (10/10)
4. Pornography (9/10)
5. Bloodflowers (9/10)
6. Faith (9/10)
7. Kiss me (8/10)
8. The Cure (7/10)
9. Seventeen Seconds (7/10)
10. Three Imaginary Boys (6/10)
11. Japanese Whispers (5/10)
12. The Top (5/10)
13. Wild Mood Swings (4/10)
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1. Pornography
2. Faith
3. Disintegration
4. Seventeen Seconds
5. Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
6. The Top
7. The Head On The Door
8. Bloodflowers
9. The Cure (vinyl version w/ all 15 songs)
10. Three Imaginary Boys
11. Wish
12. Japanese Whispers
13. Wild Mood Swings
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