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best pop song

Started by Dillinger, December 22, 2006, 01:16:52

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whats your favourite pop track by the cure?

boys dont cry
lets go to bed
the walk
inbetween days
just like heaven
why cant i be you?
friday im in love
mint car
just say yes


I just voted for 'Just Like Heaven'. But it could also have been 'The Lovecats' or 'Boys don´t cry'. Music-wise, 'In Between Days" kind of comes close, also, but I just never liked the lyrics that much...


Quote from: Sussex on February 14, 2007, 03:09:43
Since Robert once said that Just Like Heaven is the best pop song in his perspective... I start to realize that it is so damn true...the arrangement,lyrics coupled with the distinctive video clip really make me wanna say that Just Like Heaven is the best pop song of The Cure or even the best for all time...

......just like heaven

didn't he also say the same about 'boys don't cry'?
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this is veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery hard...
let's say Just like heaven! adore everything about this song!


Definitely Boys don't cry for me. Classic! :smth023

mint car

I voted for The Walk. I liked this song, but when I heard this song on concert I was out. Audience becames crazy and since I love this song  :smth020 The Walk is fantastic pop song...
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Can I add High (higher mix) on the list? ;)


I picked Lovecats because it's cute & quite silly like a lot of pop songs are!  It's just a fun song to listen to.  But I have to say JLH & Inbetween Days are two of the best Cure Pop Hits ever.  Oh & Boy's Don't Cry too!   :smth020

But currently my new favorite poppy song is FreakShow!!! :smth023


It is The Walk. Definitely.
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Hey, i just noticed 'Close to me' is not in the poll! One of their very best singles and on the same brilliant pop level as JLH, TL...
Maybe it was forgotten because The Cure never seem to do a good live version of this one?


Just Like Heaven...the perfect pop song for me..

Quote from: cure_kitty on June 17, 2008, 20:19:57
But currently my new favorite poppy song is FreakShow!!! :smth023

Yeah!!   :smth023
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hot hot hot should have been posted.

just like heaven is a good one and often gets stuck in my head, but i just had to go with Friday im in love!

i cant believe that lets go to bed didnt get more! its so catchy!


It was a tough call, but in the end, I had to go with Just Like Heaven.  It's kind of the perfect pop song.  Period.
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I voted for just like heaven; although the walk is one of my favourites pop songs.
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in bed amongst the stones

I agree with Dillinger, Let's Go to Bed. I didn't realize this song was hated by Cure fans.
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