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best pop song

Started by Dillinger, December 22, 2006, 01:16:52

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whats your favourite pop track by the cure?

boys dont cry
lets go to bed
the walk
inbetween days
just like heaven
why cant i be you?
friday im in love
mint car
just say yes


Inbetween Days...just like today. ;)
Notre esprit ne supporte pas un degré trop
élevé de précision, et nous avons plus de joie
dans l'indéfini: de là, la puissance de l'amour et
de musique; de là, les mystagogies hallucinantes.

Comment on devient artiste, esthétique. p. 185


I'm torn between the Lovecats and Why can't I be you...

I once recorded Why can't I be you live on camera and by some weird accident Robert seemed to notice the camera blinking or something and really just kind of glared at me for a sec... It gave me the chills!!! I was seriously frozen with fear for some minutes...

As for the Lovecats - at work I often drive with some work-collegues for hours and hours and when they start to get really annoying I often play the Lovecats to them :D It's just weirdly satisfying to see their faces. Some people really hate this song! LOL I can't see why.... ? ;)


I think High should be, well, high on the list as well. Halo too, and Before Three.


Quote from: MintQR on September 17, 2014, 21:53:55
As for the Lovecats
Some people really hate this song! LOL I can't see why.... ? ;)

Me neither! It is playfully romantic and fun(ny) but I voted JLH because it is another 1 of my favorite Curesongs  :smth020