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Favorite Cure B-Side

Started by tram71, January 18, 2007, 01:01:17

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What is your favorite b-side from The Cure?

2 Late
The Exploding Boy
A Chain Of Flowers
I'm Cold
Fear Of Ghosts
This Twilight Garden
Another Journey By Train
To The Sky
The Big Hand
A Foolish Arrangement
Scared As You
Snow In Summer
Harold And Joe
It Used To Be Me


How about "Breathe"? That is my favourite B-side - lovely textures and mood to it. I thought "It Used To Be Me" was truckloads better than the single it arrived on as well.  Of that list my fave was Harold & Joe - someone had to vote for it....


It Used to be Me was the best (or maybe second or third best -- Bare and Want exist, after all) very probably the best song to come out of the WMS sessions. I love it. I'm going to go listen to it now.

All he needs is everyone I've ever been
And all she needs is everywhere I've ever seen
All they need
Anything I've touched
And all you need is everything I've ever loved
Everything I've heard
Everything I've learned
Everything I've tried
Everything I've held
Everything I've felt
Everything I've lost
Everything I've cried...

Until my hole head shrieks
With grinding my teeth
Desperate to find a single word I can keep
Any kind of truth
Any kind of hope
Oh, just any kind of word that doesn't make me choke....

PS. I love Ocean, Adonais, Home, Waiting, and A Pink Dream as well. The Cure's b-sides from 1985-2000 were just fantastic.
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I added It Used To Be Me to the poll....unfortunately, it won't let me add any more! :(


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I picked THIS TWILIGHT GARDEN, it's one of the most beautiful love songs by the cure!!!!!  :roll:

No-one will ever take your place
I am lost in you
No-one will ever take your place
So in love with you...

and then "the big hand", "a chain of flowers", "to the sky" and "fear of ghosts" :smth001


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I woted for:

A Chain Of Flowers


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Quote from: tram71 on January 18, 2007, 02:43:49
Quote from: Bloodflower on January 18, 2007, 01:31:32
Fear of Ghosts should have been on Disintegration in Lovesong's place (while Lovesong should have been a non-album single, maybe Lullaby should have been too), and 2 Late should have been a single.

And 2 Late is totally one of the great "lost" Cure singles.

(hehe i can imagine some people getting bored since i'm always going on about this song haha - whatever!  :-D)

i remember the bliss of flipping over my lovesong 12" single and hearing 2 late for the first time, i was breathless at it.
beats the crap out of lovesong hehe. :rocker

but i disagree that it should have been a single. i think it's much better when it's a hidden, secret gem like it is now. because i'm afraid it would have gotten mangled and destroyed by being overplayed on the radio and probably also lyrically misunderstood, taken as just one more of those "a bit more poppy cure tunes" - if it were released as a single.
besides, there's beauty in being "a lost single". it doesn't mean the song "failed".
people use to say "oh it should have been a single" meaning that a song got overlooked somehow. but why should it be a question of value? like an album track was always more "valuable" (as a piece of art) as a non-album track? i don't think so. what fits on the album/qualifies as a single is one thing, the artistic value of a song (in itself) is something else, not related.

(besides, if even lovesong and/or lullaby might seem to stick out of most of 'disintegration' a bit, i think 2 late would have completely impossible to fit in there - so it couldn't have ever worked as a single taken from the album. and as a non-album single? i think still no, due to the abovementioned reasons.
and i also think 'disintegration' would be much duller without lullaby & lovesong. there's also room for tracks that distract the listener a bit, take him/her a bit away from the "heart" for a while. not only room but also need for it, a need to draw away for a while. and in that way it makes the "heart" affect you more then, when you're realizing now you're "within the heart of it", in certain other songs...
i mean, you can't just keep on disintegrating continuously for 70+ minutes hehe ;))


ps. ok i know it's hard/impossible to make the poll lists complete, but a lot of things are missing, starting from 10.15?  :?
just one kiss, out of mind...
we should list them all for the poll to make perfect sense.
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i love "The Big Hand"...i mean,to me that's their best b-side even though i love many of their b-sides but "The Big Hand" is definitely my favourite!


1  this morning
2  fear of ghosts
3  a few hours after this
4  it used to be me
5  play
6  scared as you
7  a chain of flowers
...nothing would ever be the same again...


I used to like Fear of Ghosts but now i like A Chain of Flowers most. Sugar Girl, 2 Late, Signal to Noise, and To the Sky are great too.


I voted for Play.  I just love the intro and  I think Robert's voice sounds great in this song


Wow!!!, good question!!! :D, well for me one of the best b sides that I alway´s have loved is: "Splintered In Her Head", is for me my b side favorite, the reason is because this song have a great dark sound so as the words made for this song, I like it!!!
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A Chain Of Flowers
The Big Hand
This Twilight Garden
The Exploding Boy


A Pink Dream is a great theme and it's missing here  8)


the big hand my favourite song.