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Favorite Cure B-Side

Started by tram71, January 18, 2007, 01:01:17

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What is your favorite b-side from The Cure?

2 Late
The Exploding Boy
A Chain Of Flowers
I'm Cold
Fear Of Ghosts
This Twilight Garden
Another Journey By Train
To The Sky
The Big Hand
A Foolish Arrangement
Scared As You
Snow In Summer
Harold And Joe
It Used To Be Me


This poll list is incomplete, no? Where's "10:15"? And "Splintered in her Head"? And "Ocean"?

Of those mentioned, I choose "Lament". But there are several other wonderful songs on the list (Chain of Flowers, Fear of Ghosts, Twilight Garden...)


No question:THIS TWILIGHT GARDEN.So beautiful... :smth020

Splintered In Her Head,Just One Kiss,Happy The Man,
A Man Inside My Mouth,Adonais,This Morning,
NY Trip,All Kinds Of Stuff,The Exploding Boy,A Few Hours After This...
Au lieu de chercher Dieu dans les œuvres, nous
nous cherchons nous-mêmes. Notre paresse est
telle que nous préférons de basses impressions
aisées, qui nous diminuent, aux grandioses qui
exigent de l'effort.

Comment on devient artiste, esthétique. p. 235


Quote from: MeltingMan on April 04, 2014, 19:13:54
No question:THIS TWILIGHT GARDEN.So beautiful... :smth020

Ah, well, probably my favourite these days as well. But 'Join the Dots' has many great songs to choose from, that's for sure.


Best cure B-side era for me is Kiss Me...all those b-sides were amazing! Chain of Flowers would be incredible to hear live.


This Twilight Garden for me too, you can almost walk around inside the mix.
'And the........festivities?'
(Valentine Dyall in 'City Of The Dead')

'Beware of those in whom the desire to punish is strong.'
(F. Nietzsche)

' own work, I am risking my life for it and my reason has half foundered because of it...'
(Vincent VanGogh)


I've always thought there are so many good b-sides, especially "This Twilight Garden", "2 Late" "Chain of Flowers" and "The Exploding Boy", currently I've re-discovered "Snow In Summer"!
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Quote from: tram71 on January 18, 2007, 01:01:17
So, er, yeah. Which one?

My favorite is 2 Late, closely followed by The Exploding Boy.

I went with "2 Late" also. Best shoegaze song evar!

Other favs:
Throw Your Foot
Exploding Boy
Fear Of Ghosts
Harold And Joe
This Twilight Garden
Scared As You
The Big Hand
A Pink Dream

also love these non-LP songs (that aren't B-sides)
To The Sky
Spilt Milk
The way she pulls me in sucks my breath away


This Twilight Garden gets the slight edge over Snow in Summer and 2 Late for me. :)

Fabien G

the fact that the list is narrowed avoids the possibility by essence to choose any other b-side not listed obviously... fortunatley my fave is 2 late.


This Twilight Garden, A Chain of Flowers, Fear Of Ghosts, The Big Hand, Play, A Foolish Arrangement, Lament, Cloudberry, It Used To Be Me, Fake, This Morning, Demise, Innsbruck, Inwood, The Three Sisters


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