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Favourite Album by The Cure

Started by Bloodflower, January 23, 2007, 09:34:21

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What is your favourite album by The Cure? Yeah, I realise I'm an ass for making you choose.

Three Imaginary Boys
0 (0%)
Seventeen Seconds
2 (2.2%)
11 (12%)
17 (18.5%)
Japanese Whispers
0 (0%)
The Top
3 (3.3%)
The Head on the Door
6 (6.5%)
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
3 (3.3%)
37 (40.2%)
4 (4.3%)
Wild Mood Swings
1 (1.1%)
6 (6.5%)
The Cure
2 (2.2%)

Total Members Voted: 91


I'm an ass, I know. But choose.

I say Pornography, because I think it's the perfect album. A vision of darkness unparalleled by all before or since.

But Disintegration... And Seventeen Seconds... And Faith... And Bloodflowers... And--
Another Curefan for The Dark Christmas album.


This is a good question to me, after all i´m not one of those religious fans
who take everything they make (except the latest album) as pieces of gold.
No this is a subjective question to me, and the answer changes every day. But the
answer is never the top or three imaginary boys or wild mood swings or some other
underrated album. It must be one of the overrated albums since if an album is overrated, i´m underrating it and have to check everytime i underrate a cure album what
the hell i´m thinking about when i say i underrate it. So the answer is, my favourite
cure album is the most overrated one, bloodflowers! and that´s also a cheer to the author of
this question.  :smth023

Life's too short to listen to lossy music


I picked Disintegration... but it alternates between that and Pornography (and also Bloodflowers).
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I choose The Head on The Door. It has the best Cure song, "Push", plus jewels like A Night like this and Sinking.  :smth023
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Mmm...I find very difficult to make this choice...anyway I choose "disintegration", but there are also "kiss me", "pornography", "wish", "the head on the door"... :roll:

ciao!!! :smth001

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i picked pornography but the head on the door is probably on par



My choice of "Best Album" literally changes more frequently than my socks do (hurray for sandals!), and it's always between Pornography and Disintegration. I love Bloodflowers, I think it's probably my third-favourite today, but the highs on that album (Out of this World, Watching Me Fall, The Last Day of Summer, Bloodflowers) just never compared to the almighty highs of Disintegration (Disintegration, Plainsong, Pictures of You, Closedown, THE SAME DEEP WATER AS YOU, and Untitled) and Pornography (literally every song).

Of course, Bloodflowers is also without the lows of Disintegration (Lovesong, sometimes Lullaby). If Lovesong (and sometimes Lullaby) was replaced with Fear of Ghosts, the band would have made my decision much harder. But both songs are too playful (despite the fact that I can interpret Lovesong as heartbreaking), never quite happy, but definitely out-of-place. Before I go any further, it needs to be said that I love both songs. I just don't think they fit on Disintegration. I realise that that was an artistic decision by Robert, but I disagree with him. I think Lullaby, Lovesong, and 2 Late should have been singles, all three non-album.

I can hardly find good things to say about Three Imaginary Boys. The title track, Fire in Cairo, 10.15, and It's Not You should have remained, while everything else was dropped, and Killing an Arab, Boys Don't Cry, and Jumping Someone Else's Train were added. It would have made a very strong EP.

Seventeen Seconds has songs like "Three" and "A Reflection" and "The Final Sound", which I rate as lower than the other songs on the album, but I don't skip over them, because they fit.

If Faith didn't have Doubt, I would love it more. If Faith replaced doubt with Charlotte Sometimes (and that's what I do when I make playlists), it would have been one of the godliest albums of all time. Between All Cats Are Grey (10), The Funeral Party (10), The Drowning Man (10), and Faith (10), it's incredible.

The Top is a great album. It's perfect for what it is. It doesn't have the highs of Disintegration or Pornography or The Head on the Door or Kiss Me or Faith or Seventeen Seconds, but it does exactly what it should. "Please come back... all of you..."

The Head on the Door is a great album. If Screw was replaced by The Exploding Boy, or perhaps just put in a different place on the album, I would respect it more.

Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me is a great album. If it dropped Fight and Hey You!!! and inserted A Chain of Flowers (and perhaps To the Sky), it would have been better. Oh, and How Beautiful You Are... should have been released as a single too.

Wish and Wild Mood Swings are both plagued by track listing. Fantastic b-sides like This Twilight Garden and The Big Hand would have greatly improved Wish, while Wendy Time dragged it down (though I like that song more now than I used to!).

Fantastic b-sides like It Used to be Me, Ocean, and Adonais could have been added to Wild Mood Swings (deleting nothing, because I've always felt it was that kind of album) to make it one of the best in their catalogue. A Pink Dream could have been a single, non-album or not.

I've already talked about Bloodflowers, so I'll go on to the American nu-metal The Cure.

Lost: A lot of people dislike this song, talking about how pathetic it is for a forty-something man to wail "I can't find myself." Jesus, people, this is the kind of thing he's been saying since the eighties. What do you want him to sing? "I've found myself and therefore having nothing to sing, feel free to press 'skip'"? I like Lost. I like all three singles a lot, and Taking Off is very much 1987. I love it. Anniversary is a quality track. So is The Promise, and Going Nowhere too. Before Three is good too. If you add the b-sides and "All of this" (the song Robert co-wrote/sang with blink-182), you've got a great album. It's track selection that kills our dear Cure.

I expect that there will be, just like with KMKMKM, a number of throw-away tracks on this next album. But I also think, just like with KMKMKM, there will also be some excellent tracks. This could be their return to form, or it could be The Cure Part II. I'm hoping for the former.
Another Curefan for The Dark Christmas album.


Faith. It sounds exactly how the cover looks, from beginning to end.

It was a tough choice, since all of my favorite Cure albums share the same spot.


I voted for Disintegration, but I had a doubt with Pornography...
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I voted for Wish, but I enjoy all eras of The Cure...

charlotte sometimes

pornography!!!! the best album ever! :rocker


Bloodflowers has very strong, sometimes even frightening lyrics. It is very dark record, i think lyrically almost as dark as pornography. Disintegration is positive, frightening and strong when it goes against love- the most basic human feeling. It really is _dis_integration and not integration lyric- wise. Bloodflowers still throws in some themes about love and everlasting love but the lyrics always stand against usual religious definitions for eternity and love. So it is a pessimistic and negativist record. But disintegration has positive lyrics although it tries to break up everything in the relation between two people in love. I think pornography really is their best record if "the best" is not wise, but doomy and pessimistic. Somepeople like it always, but with me it depends on the mood.

Life's too short to listen to lossy music


i thought it would be hard to make a pick but maybe not after all.

disintegration - just because for me it's about certain time and place and most of all about a state of mind. 
and musically speaking it's not just the songs but the sound itself.

(and it even sports maybe the best album cover ever 8))
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Disintegration is definitely my favourite followed closely by Pornography and Bloodflowers.


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