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Favourite Album by The Cure

Started by Bloodflower, January 23, 2007, 09:34:21

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What is your favourite album by The Cure? Yeah, I realise I'm an ass for making you choose.

Three Imaginary Boys
0 (0%)
Seventeen Seconds
2 (2.2%)
11 (12%)
17 (18.5%)
Japanese Whispers
0 (0%)
The Top
3 (3.3%)
The Head on the Door
6 (6.5%)
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
3 (3.3%)
37 (40.2%)
4 (4.3%)
Wild Mood Swings
1 (1.1%)
6 (6.5%)
The Cure
2 (2.2%)

Total Members Voted: 91


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"Thick As Shit"


I vote for 'Faith'. I'm fascinated by this album, the atmosphear. When I've discovered this album, it has been very strong. I love to go out for a walk when it's foggy and cold and listened to 'Faith' while's perfect !  :D Of course, some others albums can be close to this one as 'favourite' ('Disintegration', 'Seventeen seconds'...), but 'Faith' has a 'special place'... !  ;)
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I voting for Pornography!
for me is the best album!  :rocker
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that was HARD to choose, but i finally voted for Disintegration (followed by Bloodflowers  and Pornography)

their album are all GREAT (included WMS).


blooddflowers now runs the head and pornography really close for me, it's fantastic. in my opinion a better atmospheric album than disintegration


For me the best album its Seventeen seconds because is the darkest ,i like Faith,pornography,the head on the door and kiss me kiss me kiss me .until the desintegration i like all ,but seventeen seconds is the best. i know you all disegree.
But i'm 34 and the first album i ever heard was seventeen seconds i was 8, thats wy i like it and the first ulbum i buy was the head on the door thats wy its my second choice. ;)
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Quote from: dsanchez on January 23, 2007, 17:08:57
I choose The Head on The Door. It has the best Cure song, "Push", plus jewels like A Night like this and Sinking.  :smth023

I like the head on the door as well. good choice
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It's a hard choice between the three: Disintegration, Pornography and Bloodflowers. But I choose Disintegration. Reminds me of childhood   :smth020

Carnage Visor

Pornography...The Cure at it's darkest and best


it changes all the time
currently its pornography, so i voted for that
but right up there was disintegration (it was the first album of theirs i ever really absorbed myself in), head on the door, faith, kiss me... ok well maybe all of them  ;)
its too hard chosing
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I voted for BF because it's so damn good and means to me a lot  :rocker :smth020 But Disintegration and the Top really want to take its place in my heart lately  :smth020
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"Bloodflowers" is an equation of the senses that Einstein and Freud would be proud of...
Incredible voice + Awesome music + Genuine feeling 
--------------------------------------------------------  = "Bloodflowers"

this is probably the gayest thing I've ever posted, but I'm tired as hell and want to go home...

laterz all!!!
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Quote from: Soxguy on August 17, 2007, 00:00:36this is probably the gayest thing I've ever posted, but I'm tired as hell and want to go home...

What was so gay about that? It sounded fine to me.


Quote from: Carnage Visor on August 17, 2007, 01:53:51
What was so gay about that? It sounded fine to me.

Exactly what i was thinking.......

Although people now seem to use the word 'gay' to describe things they dont like.
Strange world we live in.....

My favourite record by them right now is Disintegration, mainly because i just watched Trilogy again  8)...... close second is Bloodflowers