Favourite Album by The Cure

Started by Bloodflower, January 23, 2007, 09:34:21

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What is your favourite album by The Cure? Yeah, I realise I'm an ass for making you choose.

Three Imaginary Boys
0 (0%)
Seventeen Seconds
2 (2.2%)
11 (11.8%)
17 (18.3%)
Japanese Whispers
0 (0%)
The Top
3 (3.2%)
The Head on the Door
6 (6.5%)
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
3 (3.2%)
38 (40.9%)
4 (4.3%)
Wild Mood Swings
1 (1.1%)
6 (6.5%)
The Cure
2 (2.2%)

Total Members Voted: 92


...as i thought about what i had posted last night, i do want to apologize as i maybe did use the word "gay" in a negative form.  this website is awesome as are all of its members.  it's the one thing that makes me come back to it here at work on crappy ass dayz...i seem to get them alot lately...hahaha  i promise to choose my words more carefully next time i vent.... :D

Robert & the boyzzz are going to kick major ass in Chi-town on Sept 29th. it's my Buddy's B-day and we're heading up there with our significant others.  Tix, Hotel room, and a nice bottle of absinthe that should be arriving here in the next couple of days.  i think we're all set.

thanks for being great people understanding my ignorance.
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I voted for Disintegration, but Pornography is a close second. Actually Pornography is more innovative and original, but I find Disintegration more complete and able to fit a wider range of feelings. Pornography is practically perfect, but I need to be in a certain mood to listen to it, whereas I find myself picking up Disintegration much more often. Seventeen Seconds, Faith and Wish complete the list of the best albums of theirs, in my opinion.

As far as the worst are concerned... WMS, Bloodflowers and The Cure, without any doubts.


Today it's Faith, usually it's that one, Pornography or Disintegration.

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Faith, Pornography, Seventeen Seconds, Three Imaginary Boys, The Top, Head On The Door, Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, Join The Dots (I love their demos, some of them are better than the album songs...IMO)


I voted for Dis. because IMO it is perfection. :D :rocker When the album came out I was experiencing my first "loves" and "heartbreaks"  :( and depression. However, porn. is second , then head or Kiss me. Dis. for me is still powerful for me esp. songs like closedown. I remember when I was 16 thinking if I ever experience THAT I am outta there (the relationship) but realise 16 yrs later that it is a phase/cycle of relatioship not an ending. Not sure if this makes any sense. I still love the visuals I get from last dance . I guess the album has matured with me. I just love it beginning to end.  Oh and I have to mention I love the "waves" of guitar and bass and keyboards absolutely beautiful :smth023.

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I had a tough time between two, Wish and Faith. One of them has a bit more good songs. (Disintegration-6 Wish-4) but The other has the better majproty of singles (Disintegration-1/2        Wish-2/3)

The reason why I picked Wish was because 1. It's better music to fit my mood. 2. Its better music to drive to and 3. I had a feeling Disintegration got so many votes, it wouldnt need any help (looks like i was right)



Seventeen seconds
A measure of life


~Pornography~  :-D
~Disintegration~ and ~Wish~ are also favourites but ~Pornography~ will always be my first choice  :rocker
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Wild Mood Swings, ahh..Jupiter Crash, The 13th, This Is A Lie and Strange Attraction...I just love it.

Plus, all of the other amazing tracks on that album.

then Kiss Me and Wish.
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It's really hard to pick a favorite since I really love them all for one reason or another.  But I'll have to go with Disintegration as my favorite.   It's got lots of deep, dark emotions and I love to listen to it on a cold, rainy night when I feel alone and unsure of myself. It's The Cure's Masterpiece for me!  Never grow tired of the songs nor the feelings it stirs up.   :smth023 

Head on the Door comes in a close 2nd since it was the 1st album I got.   It's not the 1st one I heard but the one that made me a Cure Fan!


Best and Favorite are too different things.  The best measures the balance and composition of an album, its potential for broad appeal, etc.  The best is the album you would recommend to someone else.  It is usually a constant thing and based upon metrics which others can agree upon.  Favorite is purely down to personal opinion about what you want to listen to.  It changes from time to time and you are well aware that your favorite may not be shared with many others.  You can't be wrong about what your favorite is.

For me the favorite is Faith, whilst I think Disintegration is the best.
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KISS ME KISS ME KISS ME, OF COURSE!!!  That's an easy question!
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FAITH, definitely! Simple and sparse, yet gloomy and atmospheric. All tracks are killers on this album. Disintegration 2nd, by the way...