Favourite Album by The Cure

Started by Bloodflower, January 23, 2007, 09:34:21

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What is your favourite album by The Cure? Yeah, I realise I'm an ass for making you choose.

Three Imaginary Boys
0 (0%)
Seventeen Seconds
2 (2.2%)
11 (11.8%)
17 (18.3%)
Japanese Whispers
0 (0%)
The Top
3 (3.2%)
The Head on the Door
6 (6.5%)
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
3 (3.2%)
38 (40.9%)
4 (4.3%)
Wild Mood Swings
1 (1.1%)
6 (6.5%)
The Cure
2 (2.2%)

Total Members Voted: 92


The Head On The Door. The only song that I don't care for on it is Six Different Ways; I love every other song on it to pieces.


I picked Pornography, but it wasn't easy. In general I don't really have a favourite album because they're all so different and I like them for different reasons, but Pornography does have something special, for me. I don't really think I've heard a band plough a furrow through despair and nihilism quite as severely as they did on that album, not even Joy Division came close.

But saying that, I love Faith for it's haunting simplicity; The Head on the Door for reminding me of my childhood and the 80s; Bloodflowers for proving they've still got it....etc etc


Wish was my introduction to The Cure back in the mid to late 90's. I was 14 I think. I used to come home from school and listen to it while I slept and then way into the night as I drew or painted with red candles everywhere. So I guess I'm biased because it was my first Cure album and automatically recalls atmospheric memories for me. But I loooove Disintegration as well. Then Wild Mood Swings. Blah...they're all good!!!


FAITH ... from the first second until the last ...
Vanilla smile and a gorgeous strawberry kiss x


Disintegration.The best album ever made :smth023
i'm running out of time i'm out of step and
closing down and never sleep for wanting hours
the empty hours of greed and uselessly always
the need to feel again the real belief of
something more than mockery if only i could
fill my heart with love


1. Disintegration
2. Wish
3. Pornography/Bloodflowers


My favourite one is The Top, but when it comes to their best album I tend to Faith.

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I cannot pick...gun to the head, I'd probably say pornograhy, but the other albums, they remind me of specific people.

Disintegration is Jack, for us swimming in the same deep water, he made me learn the words one night before we met, so I could sing them to him afterwards... and for Mick, pictures of you...kiddo belting out prayers for the rain and dissecting every instrument within it...

Head on the Door for push, for smearing strawberries across the walls of the living room...

The top, kiddo singing to me dressing up, dressing up, in the car...

Blood flowers for my mum, last day of summer, in Cuba, on the balcony smoking Bolivar numero tres ...

Faith... all cats are grey, waking me up as my alarm every morning... Faith, so those moments when faith escapes you...

Chain of flowers from B sides, for all the days I spent wandering around the necropolis...

But...figurehead...for endlessly haunting me...and turning into abject reality...

No. I can't choose. It's too hard. I won't choose...

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A Strange Girl

I'm attached to Seventeen Seconds, it's the first Cure album I've ever listened to and immediately loved it for its darkness and gloominess...That coldness and sense of mistery really captured me. This record perfectly speaks to my younger self. I know that it is not the best Cure album nor their most popular one, but maybe I love it also for these reasons. It marks a sort of Cure's coming of age, I think (and mine too). Of course I'm a fan of their playful side as well  and in fact my second favorite album from them is probably KmKmKm...I love many songs that are on this record, especially The Perfect Girl (my nickname was inspired by its lines, i love this song so freaking much), Hot Hot Hot (funky!) and Why Can't I Be You? (makes me want to dance everytime I listen to it)
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