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Three-Piece Cure

Started by Bloodflower, January 25, 2007, 08:07:14

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I know it's a blasphemous thing to think and grounds for stoning to voice, but I think I prefer The Cure as a three-piece, after the firing of Perry and Roger and before Porl's return. I just listened to The Figurehead and M on Yahoo! Music, and then listened to their cover of Love, and I think I really like the stripped down, very bass-heavy to Porl's over-the-top guitar work. There's something about minimalism....

By the way, were the four tracks that were rerecorded for 4play done by the trio of Simon, Robert, and Jason? I think it was, but I haven't heard it, and that's really depressing, particularly because I've heard the new version of Pornography is great.

Now that is an official release I would be behind having shared, considering it was damaged and pulled from iTunes before I could get there....
Another Curefan for The Dark Christmas album.


some songs do yes but not all of them. i still think they should bring back keys on the stage and then porl or robert can play them on some tracks or encores etc. just like heaven just isnt right sans keyboard


when i read the title of this thread i thought it was about the past cure with ^rs, simon and lol. They were the best, and oh how i wish i could attend a '82 show...


Quote from: farquad92 on January 25, 2007, 21:29:51
just like heaven just isnt right sans keyboard

i miss the keys too - but not just any kind of keys.
the only keys we should miss are these!:

Ay, in the very temple of Delight
Veil'd Melancholy has her sovran shrine


toy piano  :rocker

my favourite part of the song isnt there without keys, after your just like a dream... theres a little keyboard bit i love.


They did great things as a three-piece: Figurehead, M, Love, 4play... (4play they were still 3, right?) I really loved the feeling of these versions, but i would miss the keys anyway, sooner or later. There were good songs this 2005 festival tour: the blood, open, never enough... mainly alt.end, which i think got a new life with Porl's touch. I'm waiting for the new album to see what really means the return of Porl, what they do as a band, what new material they create. After that i'm sure i'll have a much more supported opinion about the losses/profits of Perry and Roger's sackings and Porl's comeback.

By now... i'm waiting... i'm still waiting for that 2007 release. (did i say 2007?)