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Started by PAOKCURE, April 03, 2007, 11:12:10

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Which is your favourite song from Kiss me (*3) album?

The kiss
12 (17.6%)
6 (8.8%)
2 (2.9%)
If only tonight we could sleep
9 (13.2%)
Why can't I be you?
0 (0%)
How beautiful you are
3 (4.4%)
The snakepit
2 (2.9%)
Just like heaven
17 (25%)
All I want
5 (7.4%)
Hot hot hot
0 (0%)
One more time
3 (4.4%)
Like cockatoos
3 (4.4%)
Icing sugar
1 (1.5%)
A thousand hours
4 (5.9%)
The perfect girl
0 (0%)
Shiver and shake
0 (0%)
1 (1.5%)

Total Members Voted: 68


There wasn't any poll for Kiss me (*3) so I decided to start one.
Vote for your favourite song from this georgeous album and share with us why...

Mine is "Just like heaven".
Best guitar riffs, great lyrics, full of emotions and a unique compilation of joyfulness and melancholy.
I think it's one of the most represantative songs of The Cure music.
I went away alone with nothing left but faith

charlotte sometimes

i voted for torture because of keybords, bass line, atmosphere. i really love it! great song.


It's very difficult because it's one of my favourite albums with pornography and disintegration...every song is special!!! :roll:

Anyway I choose CATCH, because the melody is lovely and "soft"!
The way that Robert sings this song is...I don't delicate, melancholic, sweet... :smth049
Lost forever in a happy crowd!
I will kiss you forever on nights like this, I will kiss you, I will kiss you...and we shall be together...



Datemi un cielo per caderci dentro!
LADY, la luce nel mio buio!


Too hard...It's impossible to choose only one or even two from K.M. l.p.
It has got so many different styles,so i won't vote for only one it is a shame for the other songs of it...Next plz!
'Is It Always Like This?'


Exactly... As I said in the "Favorite Song" thread, "Least Favorite" would be easier. Or "Five Songs You Absolutely Detest". Besides, isn't half of being a Cure fan second-guessing what Robert does?  :evil:


a thousand a cry in silence...
...nothing would ever be the same again...


Currently it's "How Beautiful you Are", but things like this change from week to week, day to day.  I can honestly say that "Just Like Heaven" will never be tops for me.  I've heard it WAAAAAAAY too many times.  Good song and all, just sick to death of it.  "Catch" is another that I would never select as my favorite due to it being an incredibly boring song.       


Hey You!!! has quickly become one of my faves from this record. when i bought the cd it came without this track because they couldn't "facilitate a single cd with that song on there" [grrrrrrrrrr they should have dropped Fight if you ask me] so i never really listened to the song. I had they vinyl of the album but didn't have my record player set up most of the time so when the remaster was released, it was like a god-send...

that song has a nice "rolling" bass line and the wah wah is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.. it's just a happy bopping song.. i love it...

I reckon the best songs on there are
The Kiss
Why Can't I Be You? - that guiar on there is amazing
How Beautiful You Are-
If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
The Snakepit
Hot Hot Hot!!! guitar again
Like Cockatoos
Shiver and Shake

can't decide on one though...


I voted for "Icing Sugar", as I always used to ignore that track, and then fell in love with it. But really, it's hard to pin down one track - I really do like them all. Even "Fight". Even "The Perfect Girl" (which I had detested for the longest time, as the keyboards sounded like something out of The Smurfs). After some years, I guess the whimsical nature of it got to me or something...


Catch is my fave, its just so great and can make you feel happy and sad at the same time...


this poll is impossible. the board should do them in elimination style, so you vote for youre least favourite and then the one with the most votes gets  taken off the list and you continue untill youre left with a winner. would be easier thsn having topick a winner from them all.

i cant choose between the kiss, torture, like cockatoo's, just like heaven... the whole album has really grown on me lately to become the current favourite.


It is difficult to decide.
It is a showcase lp really.
Everything from the sweet, sickly Catch, to "attitude overflowing" Shiver & Shake.
I opted for All I Want.
Reminds me of an old gf  :cry:

Tomorrow it might be different.
I know tomorrow's going to taste like cake


The Kiss is EASILY the best song on this album, and I will hear no arguments against this.
"... sleeping less every night"